Halloween, A Tale Of Horror

Twas 2 am, I couldn’t sleep,

so instead decided to count sheep.

I counted ten then heard a peep,

of something in the room.

I lay quite silent, laid quite still.

Heard nothing so relaxed until,

a breath upon my neck did feel.

And then my heart went cold.

There’s something lurking in my room.

There’s something deep within the gloom.

It waits to take me to my doom,

into a lifeless hell.

I hear it breathing, hear it’s sound.

I try to move but I am bound.

The duvet wrapped quite tightly round,

my still and frightened body.

I feel it now upon my bed.

It’s visage seeps into my head.

And I feel something, something dead,

touch my stone cold face.

I see it now, I want to scream.

A nightmare from my waking dream.

The whiteness from it’s teeth they gleam,

from the blackness of it’s mouth.

And as it leans beside my face,

my heart beats at a pounding pace.

A voice so rough and without grace,

begins to slightly moan.

“It’s too dark and I want to poo.”

Can I get into bed with you?

I know that it’s now half past two.

Excuse the fart it just broke through.”

And as it slips under the covers,

I have the urge to suddenly smother,

the creature lying next to me.



33 thoughts on “Halloween, A Tale Of Horror

      • It’s a term of endearment girlie. Calling someone a ‘silly arse’ that is. Probably explains why I rarely get beyond the first date!
        I am glad that you are still writing albeit not as often as I look forward to a good belly laugh every time I see you’ve posted something.

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        • Oh I know that Mr D, hence why no offence was taken, and I’ve been called a lot worse…and that’s by my own mother…
          Aww thanks. I’m aiming for 2 posts a month instead of my usual long absences, as I’m currently brain dead at the moment.


  1. Hello Miss Lily . . . . . . DAMN I’m busy at present who would have thought that real life and doing stuff would get in the way of messing about in cyberspace, its terrible. . . .

    I will return later as I need to go again . . . . . PHEW is all I can say
    I remember the old Halloween poem from Halloween or was it Christmas, they have a lot in common.

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    • Hello Mr Z. How’s preparation for the exhibition shaping up?
      Ah this thing called life that keeps on getting in the way of interwebbing. The interweb seems a tad empty without the RATS but then I haven’t been around much either. Must say, I’m feeling nostalgic for the days of blogging yore.


      • Indeed Miss Lily. Things are sort of progressing with the exhibition but I have too many projects in my head. I am hoping to get back into a bit more of this interweb next year. In theory I will have more free time after Christmas to do stuff. Although once you start doing stuff the stuff that you are doing uses all the time up in a sort of Catch 22 situation.

        Take care and keep those occasional posts happening occasionally xx

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        • Well I hope that all goes well with everything and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of the event.
          Hopefully, I will see you on the other side once Christmas is done and dusted. There’s a distinct lack of eccentricity on the world wide web lately.
          Take good care of yourself Mr Z.


          • Ooooooo Have I missed a comment Miss Lily. It just goes to show my mind is not on the internet at present. We have ripped out a bathroom, the main bathroom, but luckily still have one we can use only it is a bit chaotic. I will be back after Christmas as I think I need to get the blog moving again. I am having a bit of a mental block about Christmas at present; my mind thinks of far more interesting things than I can actually buy with my £ 2.45p and a rusty nail. So far i have only thought of matching rusty nails.

            Take care Miss lily see you in cyberspace soooooon xx

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            • I don’t know Mr Z, I haven’t been on my own blog since the last post. I’ve decided to erase Christmas from my mind this year. Just not full of Christmas cheer. Ooh, the rusty nails reminds me of that 3 rusty nails poem by Roger McGough which is about Jesus who was born on Christmas. Damn, there’s that word again!

              You take care as well Mr Z, and come back soon. xxx


    • Thanks Al. 😀
      Those are all pictures taken from a recent hen night. Seriously, one bottle of Lambrusco and I’m donning a pumpkin outfit and bearing my sweater stretchers on the neighbour’s lawn.


    • Thanks Susan.
      I can’t even draw a pumpkin let alone carve on with skill. I too can make pumpkin pie…without the pumpkin…or the pastry…okay, so I can’t make pumpkin pie, but I’m a mean mofo at opening a box and sticking one in the oven.

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    • Thanks Madilyn.

      No one came pounding at my door hassling me for treats, and Spawn was at school until late helping out at an open evening for the new year 6’s, so it was a fantastic Halloween. Just me, my best friends pizza and Tennessee toffee pie and endless documentaries about women who kill. Heaven.
      Have a fantastic Halloween. 🙂

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      • Now that sounds like a fantastic Halloween, Lily! We had fewer kids at the door than usual, I think it had to do with two homes being dark in the cul-de-sac where I live that’s set back and only has four houses in it so I have lots of candy leftover. Oh what a shame I say as I indulge myself with Milky Ways and Snickers LOL! Did I mention how much I Love, Love leftover Halloween candy. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • It really was Madilyn. Overindulging in junk food whilst watching junk TV. What more could a woman want?
          Halloween seemed to be a quiet occasion for a few this year, but the trade of is peace and quiet and candy leftovers. Hmm, Milky Ways and Snickers! Two of my favs.

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  2. Hahahahaha. Oh I do so love your writings. Your Halloween sounds much like mine except no pizza or pie. No trick or treaters either! Not.A.One. I think all of the freaks of society have scared the parents so now it’s all about “trunk or treat” in church parking lots – like there’s no freaks there – or private kiddie parties. This year there was a warning about Lemonhead candy, and as always, hits of acid that look like candy. Ugh. I’d just buy my kids big ass bags of candy and let ’em eat it! – I may or may not have done that a time or two..

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you lovely lady.:)
      This year’s lack of trick or treaters, was eerie in itself. Maybe it has something to do with all those pain in the arse clowns that are on the loose.
      Is that really a thing now, trunk or treat and private parties? Seems like all the fun has been taken out of Halloween this year. And what sick twat would give out acid and tampered with candies?! Sign O the times I guess.

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  3. Love the poem, although I was expecting the word Mother in the last paragraph 🙂
    I shall never be able to look at an innocent pumpkin in the same way again, thanks. How will I be able to enjoy my pumpkins soup, or pie, now that I have seen this. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. 🙂

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