I am proud member of the RATS-Radical Abstract Thinkers


‘The Radical Abstract thinkers. The International Bloggers Diploma Of Blogging.
Presented by RATS and it’s affiliated associates in recognition of a blog that represents all the fundamental virtues that the Radical Abstract Thinkers group represent, as agreed in sub clause 3 of the RATS constitution’.

*Please note this diploma is not recognized by the Godzilla Appreciation Society.

Current members:
Mr Rob Z Tobor (founder)
Mr Bumferry Hogart
Mr Esbboston
Mr Flip McFliperson
Master Meglos aka The Lil man aka Spawn
Ms Lily Jo

2 thoughts on “RATS

    • Ooh, I forgot to add the Lil man’s name. Thanks Mr Z. I was meant to ask ages ago Mr Z, whether there’s any thoughts on you making a new badge? I was rather peeved when the old laptop died with all my old pictures on it and the Lil man didn’t get a chance to add his to his blog.


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