Bio: I am an enigma. I am truth. I am all seeing and all encompassing...and if you believe that, then there's no amount of long term therapy or hard-lined drugs that can cure your kind of crazy.

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  1. Lily, I am delighted to have you following me, and I will be looking over my shoulder constantly, thank you very much. It is my hope that I always leave you in hysterical laughter, that way people will be curious as to what caused it, and then they will visit the Attic. My doctor says, that ever since my blog went up, so has his business. So I guess you are in good company. But seriously, thank you for following. :O)

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  2. Hi Lily, Thank you for answering. I will be following your blog and hopefully commenting. We have a 24 year old son with asbergers who barely made it through HS, even in private school, he had such bad social anxiety and because of my mental problems, I “identified” too much, etc. Well, He made it through HS and was attending JR college and liked it pretty well, then I had to go “out west” (we live in VA) and care for my mom and couldn’t take him to class, my husband teaches and couldn’t take him, so, over 4 years later and here we are Son says he wants to get a job and learn to drive, but then…….nothing….husband is so tired and sick….well, enough complaints out of me. I am so sorry……just sad….

    • Tracy, no need to apologise. Before I had Spawn, I worked with children on the autism spectrum from those with high functioning Aspergers to those with severe autism and it was bloody hard work. BUT nothing quite prepares you for having a child of your own who suffers with the same condition. Although my Spawn is high functioning and extremely intelligent, the other ‘stuff’ that comes from having Aspergers, makes having to deal with it exhausting and frustrating. There have and still are plenty of tears shed and lots of anger expressed. I don’t think people realise that you go through a mourning period for the child that might ‘have been,’ although I love my Spawn dearly and I’m glad that he is in my life.

      Complain away Tracy, I don’t mind in the least. 🙂


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