My Preciousess

I know no one wants to see my preciousess but I’m very proud and humbled by each and every one of these awards.

 Thanks to the very witty Jamie

Thank you to Dirtycowgirl

From the delectable Dirtycowgirl

A hearty thanks to the illustrious Psycho Babbling Basher

Presented by DCG

 Thanks to the lovely Chantell

Thanks to the Amazing Roe, the Brilliant Brett, the Sumptuous Shea and the Gorgeous Josie

Thanks to the Magical Mystical Mimi

Thank you to Your Dirty Bird, Blondie McBaffled and~*~MizTink~*~ 

Thanks Addman

Thanks to the Maestro himself, Muppets For Justice

Thank you Brian, ~*~MizTink~*~, Janice and Crazy Mama

I am part of Janice’s Blossom Bunch…cool!

Thank you Kelly and Crazy Mama

Thanks to the very gorgeous Janice

Thank you Roe and ~*~MizTink~*~

Thank you Kevin, Gossip Girl and Kelly and Roe

Thank you Mimi

Thanks to the dazzling ~*~MizTink~*~

Thank you Shea!

Thanks to the marvelous mod mom.

Thank you Rob Z.

Thanks Blondie McBaffled

Thank you Gossip Girl

Thank you to all who voted for me at Dude Write

Thanks a heap Kevin.

 Thanks Rob Z.

 God I love this award! Thank you Brett.

 Thanks Menopausal Mother.

 Thank you Darla.

A massive MASSIVE thanks to:

 Christine Rains

 Bumferry Hogart


 Julie, Kelly, Valerie, Stacey and Darla

 Meno mama

 Julie you Jest

 And Sherry Ellis

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