Every Dog Will Have It’s Day.

Friends, I bring you some grave news. That’s right, I’ve written another post. Seriously people, dysentery and thrush get a better reception than I do.


Every Dog Will Have It’s Day

  “Mmmm, that’s right human, stroke me. You know how I like it…Oh, ahem. Friends, we are gathered here on this night, to counteract the greatest threat to our very existence… that of the feline variety. For too long now, these cretinous creatures have taunted us…”

“Defied us…”

“And turned us against those of our own ilk.”

“Our plans to infiltrate their ranks, have failed miserably…”

“as they seek to undermine and overpower us.”

“We have, in the past, tried to extend the hand of peace but to no avail. They have rebuffed our advances by refusing the bonds of friendship, preferring  instead, to think that they are our superiors.”

“But sadly my dear brethren, we cannot solely lay all the blame of our failures at the door of those carnivorous mammals with their retractable claws and their haughty behaviour. For over the years we have become complacent…”



“and far too passive.”

“But fear not brothers and sisters, we shall prevail. We SHALL smite them down…”

“and finally rid ourselves of their spiteful intent…”

“whilst infiltrating their ranks once again.”

“There will be no friendship, no integration, no inclusion and no peace. We will rule once more. This, I promise you my brothers and sisters, for every dog will have it’s day.”


21 thoughts on “Every Dog Will Have It’s Day.

    • I love the arrogance of cats, as if humans were solely put on this earth to service them. And I love the stupidity of dogs. You gotta love any animal who thinks chasing their own tail, is the most fun ever.

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    • Oh my Britney Spears, that was absolutely hilarious!! Spawn and I were actually chocking with laughter between that, and the Sad Cat Diary. We’re now going through the ‘Facts About’ certain animals list. Not sure whether to thank you for the link, or curse you as we are now permanently glued to YouTube. 🙂

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  1. Hey! We ALL like your posts more than dysentery or thrush. A LOT more. Besides enjoying the laughs you always give us, your posts never deplete our stores of toilet paper like dysentery does.

    My cats left the room when I was reading this post… 🙂

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    • Hahaha!! That should be my new tag line. “The Incoherent Ramblings Of A Moose. A blog that never depletes your stores of toilet paper like dysentery does.” I actually think I might put that on my sidebar this weekend. 🙂

      Cats are very wise and just a little bit scary.


  2. I must get new reading glasses. I spent the last hour trying to figure out what song birds and a visit to the dentist have to do with dogs having their day!
    I’m with the dogs on this one. Been going to the dogs for ages! Do NOT like cats. Horrible beasts that crap in my garden. Thinking about it, so does my dog! Still with the dogs though.

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    • Heehee, You are a silly sausage Mr D.
      I’ve been the owner of both cats and dogs and I honestly couldn’t choose between which one made a better pet. My dream pet however, would be a Boa Constrictor or an Iguana. I love wild animals especially the big cats, but I already have a Cougar. It’s called my older sister.
      SORRY SIS!

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      • I used to have snakes as a kid. Only British native snakes though – nothing exotic. I had grass snakes, slow worms and an adder. Plus a couple of frogs.They escaped into a neighbours garden, one of their daughters freaked and chopped them up with a garden spade. Horrible child.

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        • PIL is into mountain gorillas. Dian Fosse has nothing on PIL when it comes to gorillas! We will go back to Africa one day to take the kids on safari to see all the animals icluding the big cats. Then also to go see mountain gorillas.
          Why did I think it was you that’s the cougar?
          As for cats and dogs at least dogs dont try to conceal what they’ve done – “Hey, human. Look what I just did in the middle of the lawn”. Whereas as cats do a kind of fecal land mine semi concealed in the dirt just waiting for a hand to come along and get smothered in the obnoxious stuff! I bet they sit, looking and waiting for tgat to happen with a smirk on their face. Bastard animals. Uh. Hope you’ve had breakfast.
          Have a great day

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          • Me, a cougar? Nah, I prefer the older guy. People are less likely to notice they’re missing.
            My last cat Speedy Tomato, never left a messy litter box. He just scattered his poop all over the walls instead. A bit simple was ole Speedy. Fluffy was a decent sort and pooped outside…probably in a garden similar to yours, whilst Tabby would keep constant eye contact when burying his. Like he was scared that I’d mistake them for Sun Dried raisins and try to steal them.

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            • Hahaha. You’re dangerous to know. You’re not my neighbours daughter are you? Apparently, several of her husbands have disappeared.
              Dexter is quite shy cos he always disappears into the undergrowth when we’re out for walkies. Now I’m beginning to think you’re my sister. Her favourite topic of conversation is poo. And gardens.
              I’m off for a shower now and then bed as it’s another early start tomorrow but then it’s a few days off. I wonder what PIL has planned for me to do.
              Have a great evening

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  3. What great images, Lily, so funny! But so true. Cats may think they are superior but dogs rule…well, at least they try hard anyway LOL!! God is dog spelled backwards. Cat spelled backwards is just tac…case made!

    Love the dog picture you chose for the speaker, love the expression on her face. Reminds me so much of a husky-mix I had named Princess but she was really the Queen, she ruled the house and got what she wanted not just from the humans but the other dog we had then too LOL! She was a wonderful companion, I miss her. She once gave the fish-eye to a contractor I was having trouble with and vomited at his feet, it was so perfect. Loved your post! 🙂

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    • If a feline had to spell ‘cat’ they would spell it W.O.R.L.D D.O.M.I.N.A.T.I.O.N

      And isn’t that Husky beautiful? Although Princess sounds like she would have been my kinda dog. Louie was the last dog we had. He was a mix between a Chihuahua and Jack Russell and so was tiny. Problem was, he thought he was a parrot and would perch himself on Spawn’s shoulder whenever he sat down. I miss that nut job.
      Thanks Madilyn. 🙂

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  4. Hello Miss Lily. . . . . Yes I am back from the far north of Scotland, well Inverness and Aberdeen and we collected the cats from the Prison (cattery) today so the pair of them are making life hell just so we know who is boss. Although the trip away was lovely and chilled as well as sunny and warm the return home was not quite as planned. You see as a result of some rather nice looking spiced sausage bought in the shop of a well know independent motorway services, which I had in a sandwich last night I have been as sick as a dog. . . . . I am just getting back to normal now after a long night of hanging about in the loo, so I am now looking into the strange world of cyberspace but not leaping about.

    And after 10 days of sun in Scotland we have returned to rain followed by more rain with a bit of extra rain added for good measure, Anyway I think my return to cyberspace will be a gentle one until the effects of that death sausage subside entirely.

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    • Mr Z! I don’t remember you mentioning anything about going away, so I was starting to get rather worried. Sorry to hear about the death sausage and that you have been spending a large part of your time connecting with the porcelain god. Hope that you are feeling much better now. I must say, your presence has been missed. Glad to have you back. 🙂


      • Sorry Miss Lily I am reluctant to say I am away from home on the internet just in case. That might seem a bit mad but you never know who is reading stuff. . .OK not many are reading it but better to be on the safe side.

        I am feeling better if not 100% yet

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