Come And Look At My Box.

Folks, I must humbly apologise to you all. For not only have I been consumed with the challenge of murdering the English language throughout the month of April, but I have been remiss in my duty of not putting my box out there for public display. Now those of you who are no stranger to Incoherent Ramblings, know all too well that I like to open up my box and exhibit it at every opportunity.

As a youngster, my mother would dismay at the fact that I was always fingering my box. But what was the point of having such a thing if one could not derive pleasure from it? Now I am much older, I welcome anyone who wishes to do so, to take a peek inside my box and to finger (very carefully) it’s goods.
So, what do I have inside my music box for you all today then?

First in our pile of musical goodies, is Fingerless Fiddler Roy Thackerson.


Reworking such classics as the Beatles’ I Wanna Hold Your Hand (but my stumps won’t let me), T’pau’s  China In Your Hands (keeps slipping to the floor) and the children’s favourite Tommy Thumb Where Are You? I’m sure that you’ll all agree that this album is finger lickin’ good.

luv jones

Here we have the love doctor himself, Dr D with his collection of ‘Luv Songs’ from the album Put Out The Fires Of Desires. No problem Dr D. Not only have I put out the flames of desire after looking at your picture, but I have also smothered it, bashed in it’s head with a blunt implement, re-set it on fire just so that I could smother it again, cussed it’s mother and then buried it in the back garden…oh no wait…that was my ex…

Moving on swiftly, the next album is a testimony to what happens if you don’t stay in school and study. Wendell Clarke had high ambitions of being a top Gynaecologist, but his partying ways and sex addiction, soon led to his downfall. Now instead of studying the flowery essence of the female garden, Wendell has a new identity and now studies an altogether more fragrant part of the body as charted in this autobiographical album.


album-2 (2)

Mr Del Ray, I don’t think any of us needs reminding of the sounds of a man alone…

Next up in my box of musical delights, comes the blessed tones of Orvel and Orvella as they implore the Lord to lay his healing hands upon them.



Also clamouring for the hands of our Saviour, the Simmons family boast about their godly encounter with the beautifully inspired album The Touch Of God.

the simmons


And here’s little Greg Kendrick with his version of events.



Last and by no means least, this heartbreaking album from the Hanleys was composed as a plea to their missing daughter Ally Louia who sadly went missing some months previously. Soon after the release of this album, Ally Louia’s decomposed body was found inside Mrs Hanley’s bouffant, along with a circus midget, a Boeing 747, an assortment of woodland creatures and the lost city of Aztian.


And that sadly concludes our musical entertainment for this month. Join me next time for another gander at my open box. You’re all welcomed to have a good fiddle about with it in the meantime.



31 thoughts on “Come And Look At My Box.

    • I’m not sure who had the idea that hair should be a construct that can only be upheld with the aid of scaffolding, or that clothes should resemble soft furnishings. The signs of the times should indeed be nuked and the ashes sent into OUTER SPAAAACE!!

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    • Thank you Al, though I must concede that my box has gotten a little musty since it’s last outing, for it has been been kept closed for far too long. But as soon as I opened up, the moths fluttered out and the dust settled. There’s nothing quite like a fresh, clean box.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha! Those hairstyles are a great feat of architectural engineering. If the earth was destroyed and millions of years later survivors dug up the remains, those hairstyles would still be perfectly coiffured and intact.


      • Makes you wonder what “stylish” things we’re doing now that we’ll look back on with regret. My vote goes for the severe a-line bobs, the ones that make women look like one of their parents was an alien. (Apologies if that’s your haircut. I’m sure you rock the look.)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Ha! Not even aliens rock that look! Wait…what am I talking about? I have that look!! Well, by default. I’m actually growing back the left side of my hair which I had shaved off, but I’m not liking the bob. (not on me anyway) It makes me feel lopsided. My head is permanently at a tilt to equal out the lengths. May just shave it again for the summer…or buy a beehive wig. Now THAT’S a hairdo. 🙂

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  1. You are a one Miss lily. Ah there is nothing quite like the old days when the poor innocent masses never knew they were in fact listening to some right dodgy stuff. I cant help but think Mr Hadley has a cat on her head, but without the Mrs Hadley’s of this world the B52’s would have never have been the same

    Liked by 2 people

    • I know Mr Z, but I do TRY to be good…most of the time…sometimes…half the time…okay, once every 2 years.

      Ah, I forgot about the beehived
      B52’s with their songs about Rock Lobsters living in Shacks that were purely built for love.

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  2. I thought Pooh was a bear of very little brain? Disney has a lot to answer for!
    You must have a very big box to have all that stuff in it. You must be pleased to be able to get it out and give it a good airing

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pooh always reminded me of someone who had just had a full frontal lobotomy. There was just something so vacant about him.
      My box isn’t that large. It’s just that I like to really cram everything in there so there’s no wriggle room.

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  3. Yay, your box is open again!! These are priceless, Lily, and your comments on each one are laugh out loud hilarious!! That love doc put out my fires of desire as soon as I saw him and went momentarily blind…I’m mean, seriously, who took him up on that?! (LOL about what’s buried in your backyard!) When I scrolled down and saw Wendell being “Funky as I Wanna Be” I nearly lost it and fell off my chair OMG!! And there’s a parental advisory on the cover…ya think? LMAO! Orvel & Orvella, too cutesy and creepy, and wow about her hair. I think way too much touching has been going on with all those folks and I’m suspicious about what’s hidden in Ma Hanley’s bouffant! Could be we’ll discover a whole new continent ha ha! Thanks for the laughs, Lily, your box is always so much fun!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is indeed and we all know how much I love to show off my box to everyone.
      I do apologise for any temporary blindness that you may have experienced at the image of Dr D. He really should have renamed his album, ‘Put out a bucket, imma bout to vomit.’
      And poor Wendell. Funky may be where he wants to be, but I bet it ain’t what he wants to be sniffing at all day. As for Ma Hanley, I’m pretty sure that they later discovered a whole solar system under that bouffant.
      Thanks Madilyn for such a wonderful comment. Glad you enjoyed my silliness, but worse is yet to come. 🙂

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  4. I am always surprised at how roomy your box is. It must be bursting at the seams!

    I went digital years ago because my little box, (i keep round the back) was so tight you could hardly get two fingers in there for love nor money.

    Oh well, It’s now up on line for all to see in glorious HD quality… it’s a wonderful thing this internets.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s true that my box is a bit more cavernous then I would like, especially after years of having it stuffed repeatedly, but I do like it when it’s full. Plus the more room, the more I can cram right in there.
      Ooh HD. I think my box would look glorious in high definition. You’d be able to see it from all angles and the quality would have more depth, just like my box.


  5. Okay, I have to admit that, after looking at some of those album covers, I tried to hide behind my couch (hard to do, since it’s rammed up right against the wall). Some of those hairdos look like they could be used by a tank crew for camouflage (or at least for psychological warfare). And that guy on the right, from the Hanley’s, is making me re-think my opposition to being a gun-owner. I’m sharpening my kitchen knives as we speak.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Whenever I look at some of the people on those covers, I get the sudden urge to call in a priest to perform an exorcism, because surely Satan was at work that day. Those hairdos, like the Pyramids, will forever stand the test of time and no one will have a clue how they were erected. And I have a feeling that only a silver bullet will cause Mr Hanley to depart this earth.

      Thanks so much for your visit and your comment Paul. 🙂

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