Z is for Zippy & Bungle. The A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.



An explanation explaining what the hell a Zippy and Bungle is…

Don’t  worry folks, you are not experiencing a bad acid trip, nor has anyone spiked your morning beverage with Rohypnol causing you to experience horrific hallucinations of the puppetry kind. Which reminds me, I better add that to my shopping list along with chloroform, rope, duct tape, and a sense of shame. (the things one does in order to get a date)
Now the trio that you see before you, belong to a children’s show called ‘Rainbow’ which ran from 1972-1992. The bear in the middle is Bungle, whilst the ‘what the bloody hell is that thing,’ on the right, is Zippy. The pink Hippo on the far left? Well that’s George but no one likes to talk about him since the ‘incident,’ although he is thought to be the first ever transgendered puppet. (Brits everywhere will know exactly what I mean) And the names of the creators of such a visionary programme? Mary Juana, Barbi Turates, Am Phetamines and Quay Ludes.
And now and for the last time, the final letter of the A-Z never ever doing this again challenge.



Cockney rhyming Slang-Zippy and Bungle



Dad looking at a ‘Where’s Wally book with his son-“Ere my little current bun, (son) it’s Wally lost in the Zippy and Bungle. Can you clock (see) where Wally is?”

Son-“If you ask me one more bloody time where that bleedin’ septic tank (Yank) Wally is, I’m gonna cut you.”



Wally lost in the Zippy and Bungle.



36 thoughts on “Z is for Zippy & Bungle. The A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.

  1. Hurrah for reaching the finish line! Thank you for this entertaining and illuminating series. I shall rush off to find a Cockernee to test my new-found knowledge immediately!

    I look forward to seeing what comes next, in a less challenge-y way 🙂

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    • Thank you! Tis done! *fist pumps air in jubilation*
      What comes next is some much needed therapy and some prescribed drugs to get over the trauma. (actually, I had fun this year)

      Ooh yes, do try out your new found skill But a word of warning. Beware the cockney when the moon is full and ALWAYS, stay on the path. Especially if it’s a Friday night and the pubs are full.

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      • I was going for the knee slide, punching downwards celebration myself (in the style of Dr Benton from ER about twenty years ago… bloody hell I feel old)

        So, will you be writing a series of “know your Cockney” guides now, once the therapy has kicked in, and the addiction to prescription drugs has been dealt with?

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        • Blimey! ER and Dr Benton. Now I feel old!
          I can’t even write my name, nevermind a cockney guide. And you’ve read my postings.I think the world has suffered enough already.


    • Thank you Claudette for joining me on this A-Z ‘what the hell was I thinking’, journey. I probably would have not only thrown in the towel, but ripped it to pieces, doused it in petrol and then burned it, weeping as I watched over it’s burning embers, if not for the comments I received from you and others and for your encouragement when I went through that mini meltdown. 🙂

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      • Glad that we all could help. It’s tough sometimes, and good to have encouragement even if it is from cyber space 🙂 I certainly would not have done it – I’m just too lazy and self-absorbed. 🙂

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        • Haha! Anyone who freely admits to being lazy and self absorbed, gets my full respect.

          My blog isn’t popular and I don’t have hundreds of readers, but I do have followers who are their weight in gold and that means a hell of a lot more. 🙂

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  2. Lily,

    You told me that I wouldn’t like what you do. SHAME ON YOU. This was hilarious even though I am beginning to question the universe and everything in it.

    And while you’re shopping, can you also get cotton candy. I just want cotton candy now.

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  3. Phew it has been a busy day Miss lily and I sort of made a bit of a technical error with my own blog. Although it appears I may not be entirely alone, well either that or you have sneakily done a sort of spot the mistake competition and if so I would like to think that I have won. I suspect you are thinking mistake what mistake . . . I will give you a little clue. . . WHY would someone make a mistake on the letter Z.

    Well done and a gold star for effort throughout the entire A to Z, although ending with Zippy and Bungle is something I was not expecting and I have avoided the theme song in order not to remember any more than I have too . . . . God I can hear their voices in my head now.

    DAMN Miss Lily this is not the way the A to Z was meant to end . . . the haunting voice of the ghost of Zippy Past. . . . YICKS

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    • You must be tired after your busy day of being charitable. The world needs more folk like you. It really does.

      Anyway, thank you Mr Z and a gold star to you too. Ooh, what mistake was that? Was it anything to do with the ending of each sentence as a rhyming word that didn’t sound like it would end in Z, or am I on the wrong track? In which case, just ignore that last bit.
      I suspect that no one listened to the Rainbow theme either.Good thing I didn’t play the full version which is over 5 minutes long. Felt like I was having an acid trip!
      Sorry that the voice of Zippy now haunts you. But nothing is more scary or more haunting then the ghostly sounds of Mrs Mills Organ.


      • We all love a bit off Mrs Mills playing with her Organ. . . surely you mean piano. And the Question still remains why is there a big picture of an A to Z Y O God it now looks like Algebra . . . .

        Take care Miss lily I have a feeling you might sneak off for a few days now and laugh hysterically while pointing at seagulls. . . . . . .

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        • Oh Mr Z, how I love thee! I just laughed so hard I almost peed. Why has no one else not noticed?! Thank you for pointing out the errors of my ways…wait…does that mean that people were only PRETENDING to read that they didn’t realise? Or was there some magical mishap that happened during the…nah…I just cocked it up.

          I may sneak off for a few days in order to recuperate. I might even get a doctor’s note to sign me off for a week.Hoping you have a lovely Sunday Mr Z. 🙂


          • Well spotted Miss Lily . . . . . Sometimes if something is big enough folk dont notice the mistake, just look at politics or Jimmy Savile. . . . When I say look I only mean metaphorically speaking I dont think you really need to look at either that would be worse than Zippy the full length feature movie featuring Vince Velcro and Benny Button

            I knew you would sneak off, that is a bit sneaky.

            Enjoy the Break

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            • So very true Mr Z.
              Vince Velcro and Benny Button, you should pitch that to Mr H whose looking for ideas for a new police show.

              I’ll still be loitering about the blogosphere, so I won’t be far away.


    • Hahaha! Tamara Narayan, both you and my Spawn are of the same opinion on the bear. But it’s funny how you both aren’t perturbed by the pink hippo, or the strange alien thing with a zip for a mouth. 😀


  4. Being from the US, I had never heard of that children’s show. Looking at Zippy, his head reminds me of a hamburger with eyes LOL!! I don’t know but I just cracked up looking at him and that came to mind. What a bizarre character! Wally lost in Zippy and Bungle, pretty funny!

    Lily, great job on completing the A-Z challenge!! You are so creative and it’s been a lot of fun. 🙂

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    • Do you know, I’ve never thought of that when it comes to Zippy. Spawn and I were trying to work out just what the heck he is and now that you’ve mentioned it, he does look like a hamburger with eyes.
      I loved Rainbow when I was a child, and it was a HUGELY popular series. But even as young as we kids were, we knew that the programme makers must have been imbibing the medicinal herb of the Mary J kind, to come up with such bizarreness. Wally on the other hand, I’ve always hated, which is why he is now lost, preferably buried, somewhere in the Zippy and Bungle.

      Thank you Madilyn! And thank you so much for your support. You are a GEM!

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  5. Yay for the finish line!!!! We should have an online party. We can all drink wine or an alcoholic beverage of our choice and we MUST blog whilst buzzed or fully loaded. THAT could be fun! 😀 I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOO enjoyed the work out your posts have given me. From laughing so much I should have abs of steel! Jillian Michaels has nothing on you my friend! – I still need to go back and read the ones I missed, throw in my inappropriate comments because that’s who I am and that’s what I do, AND pin them all to my Pinterest page! 😀 – I’m gonna’ miss these posts but now that we’re in the groove of everyday posting. We’ll be posting every day, right??? Well, when you’re not binding, gagging and kidnapping your dates that is..

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    • PARTY ONLINE! You bring the keg and I’ll provide the entertainment. Now where’s that stripping pole?

      Thank you so much Karen, but your posts were just brilliant. When not bleaching out my retinas, I was laughing like a hyena on crack. I’m really glad that you decided to take part this year.

      Er…everyday posting? What is this strange custom of which you speak?


  6. We made it, we made it. 30 whole days of finding something to write about. Hoping it was amusing, entertaining, educational, or just didn’t get the police breaking down the door. I can think we can safely say it was a good A-Z Blogging Challenge. And you Miss Lily, were the highlight for me. No one else had me spitting cereal all over my screen, or could make me late for work while I tried and failed to come up with something funny in reply to your wit. I really hope you do the challenge again next year, as it wouldn’t be the same without year. And now that I’ve finished being all gushy, in your honour, I think I’m gonna write a twisty short story …

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. Despite my mini breakdown halfway through, this year’s challenge was a damned good one and one which I enjoyed the most. And thanks so much Mistress Cooper. Likewise, your posts were among the highlights of my day. I never knew what to expect from each tale, whether it would be dark, poignant, or downright hilarious. Oh and for the record, Spawn enjoyed your short stories too. (they were the only a-z entries that he read)
      The jury is still out on whether I’ll take part next year or not, but it’s the same every year. I say nope and then jump in at the last moment.
      As ALWAYS, looking forward to more twisty tales. You truly are the Mistress of short stories and I mean that sincerely. 🙂


  7. Bugger! Late again. Sorry.

    Lily Moose, I bet you’re glad that’s over. You conquered all kinds of difficulties and yet, each day you had me in stitches and the owner of my local dry cleaners sends his thanks for all the money I had to spend cleaning coffee stains off my shirts. (I daren’t take ’em home!) You really are the bees knees and multi talented to boot with first class artwork, excellent poetry (well ok, one was shite but unbelievably funny so it still counts as excellent). And the humour was just first class.
    Unfortunately for us, you will undoubtedly take a rest and sit in the shade beneath a large oak tree in Richmond Park, watch the deer and contemplate your navel for a while. Smashing.
    Have a fantastic day girlie. And a huge ‘Well done’.

    Liked by 1 person

    • First class artwork? Now I know for certain that you’re on crack!
      Thanks Mr D. This is why I adore you. You know how to lift a girl when she’s down and with the size of my derrière, that’s quite a feat. (seriously, you could rest a pint on it)
      Sending you some new shirts…when I say new, I mean second hand…and when I say second hand, I mean they may be a tad soiled…and when I say a tad soiled, I mean that they were rip off the corpses from the local cemetery. You might want to give them a quick wash before wearing them.
      Ooh, that last part sounds like my idea of heaven…except the contemplation of my navel bit.
      Thank you. And have a good day and may the sun shine on you wherever you are. 🙂


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