Y is for Yank. The A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.

Tis nearly time folks. The challenge is almost at an end. I was going to whip my bra off in a celebration of freedom and liberation, but Spawn keeps trying to harpoon my Lady Lumps. No matter how many times I’ve told him otherwise, he  is convinced that they are escaped Manatees  from the Sea Life Aquarium.


Anyway, on to today’s letter which is the indomitable…


Cockney rhyming slang-Septic Tank

Translation-Yank (colloquial term for an American)

Example-“I’ve never met a more moral, spiritual and godly family then those Septic Tanks the Kardashians.”


Yeah, the picture is completely unrelated to the example.But we’re almost at an end…plus, I…don’t…care…


11 thoughts on “Y is for Yank. The A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.

    • Hahahaha! Oh my lord!! Golgothan the shit Demon! Dogma is one of my favourite films, but I’ve spent years trying to erase the memory of Golgothan Thanks for the reminder…not…:)


  1. You go girl! Almost to the finish line. You’ve done a super job with this challenge, but I would humbly suggest that you wait until AFTER you cross the finish line to rip off your bra in celebration. Running with one’s manatees unfettered can be hazardous to your health. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Susan, and of course, you right. The last time I ran around and let the Manatees roam freely, I received two black eyes and a busted jaw. Never doing aerobics in the nude again…


  2. AH yes I have fond memories of being knee deep in shit fixing the Zombie defence ditch (the septic tank) after we moved house and I discovered a willow tree had grown through it. I had to use a chainsaw to cut the roots out, so on more than one occasion I looked like the monster in your picture. I was then not allowed back into the house until I had been hosed down. I will say once you have been entirely covered in shit from a septic tank other horrible things dont seem quite so bad. One interesting thing is after a couple of minutes the smell vanishes although if you go and stand next to anyone they will scream and runaway while being sick.

    Well Miss Lily only one more day and you will have succeeded again. . . .Well done. I am on auto-post tomorrow as I’m out so I can return to posting normal things again on my blog . . . . . . . OK sort of normal-ish.. . . . a bit.

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    • Oh Lord, I remember those times Mr Z. Glad that you got over the trauma. I don’t think that poop will ever be a smell that I can NOT notice after a while. Years of nappy changing and unblocking toilets, has burned away the lining of my mucous membrane so that every scent permeates throughout my olfactory senses.

      Tomorrow we shall be done Mr Z. I for one, am NEVER doing this again…so see you same time, same place next April. 🙂


  3. Lily, whip off your bra in celebration, you deserve it!! Looking at my own lady lumps, perhaps they do resemble manatees at my age and with gravity and all that LOL. So let the manatees loose! 🙂

    Septic tank for Moi?! Oh crap, are the Cockneys still mad at us for taking the Colonies? LOL! I think that’s a Kardashian (truly septic tanks and not just ‘cause they’re Yanks!) stalking you in that picture ha ha!

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    • Gravity is not a friend of womankind. Whenever I take my bra off, I have to pick my lady lumps off the floor and hoist them over each shoulder. Still, at least they keep my back warm.

      We cockneys are made at EVERYONE. I blame the weather for our constant foul mood. As for those bastions of morality the Kardashians, they truly are a bunch of septic tanks, aren’t they.;)

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