W is for Wilson Pickett. The A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.


Cockney rhyming slang-Wilson Pickett (Soul legend)


Example-“I’ve got two Wilson Picketts for the gig Friday.”








23 thoughts on “W is for Wilson Pickett. The A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.

  1. Cute cartoon, and I’ll take two Wilson Pickets please. 🙂

    Thinking of Wilson Pickett makes me want to dance. I need to go to youtube and play “In the Midnight Hour.” Love soul!

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  2. Ah there is a name you dont here much these days. I was always a bit more into rock that soul. But I am older wiser and a bit mad now so find noisy things a bit hard going as I get confused and point at seagulls shouting duck at folk.

    So just XYZ to go now and then we return to normal in the voids of cyberspace . . . . I like normal although it does not always like me. for example I had to say a bat from the bookcase in the middle of the night just the other day(night) and take it out to let it fly off. And all it did was complain. . . .

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    • Even as a child my tastes in music was eclectic. From prog rock to ska, I loved em all. Now I just spend my days standing outside pointing at seagulls and shouting duck at folk. Wait…that sounds a bit familiar…
      Talking of familiars, what was the bat’s complaint? Was it moaning about how much Robin gets on his nerves and how fighting crime is no good for it’s back?


          • Here Whats going on. this has turned into a conversation, this is cyberspace that cant be right. I think the bat was a bit confused, after all it is as blind as a bat and trying to get a bat in a box while also trying to get some clothes on so it could be set free into the wild is not easy. It was damn cold outside and there is no way I was going out there naked with a bat. Anyway I am sure my wife might have been sniggering a bit at what is not an everyday situation even for me. . . . . Miss Lily there are are no instances when being upside is good

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  3. The first record I ever bought was ‘Heard it through the Grapevine’. Still think it’s one of the greats and turn it up when it gets played on the radio. Tastes change and like you, I listen to just about everything but do have a certain fondness for the “louder” music.
    It’s hard letters now girlie so do what everyone else does and make it up. The good folk across the pond will be none the wiser and the good folk on this side of the pond will just think you’re a genius. Win win.

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    • The first record I received was bought as a Christmas present, ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham. But the first vinyl I bought was Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Are You Experienced’, from the ‘old classic’part at Woolworths. I bloody loved Woolies. My love of 60s soul, came from my step dad’s vast collection.

      Got the rest of the letters all sewn up Mr D. Although the last one is a bit more modern then the ones I’ve written about.

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      • Unfortunately my old mans taste in music was confined to a few 78s of Matt Munro and Andy Williams with some Val Doonican thrown in. Later, he enjoyed listening to Richard Clayderman. I never criticise anyone for their musical taste as I’m a firm believer in “Whatever turns you on” but my dads taste in music was shit!

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