N is for No Post Today.

Poor Spawn. It would seem that evil has two left feet, feet that are far to big for his skinny frame, making his limbs look like the tentacles on an anorexic octopus with canoes for shoes.
Anyway, my walking cheese string appears to have injured his arm after taking quite a tumble, (must have become entangled with his forked tail and pitchfork)and said appendage has become quite swollen.
He insists that his arm is broken whilst I insist that it’s not. But if I have to listen to him continue to whine in a pitch that only Dolphins can hear, it soon will be.
So we’re off to the hospital where he can be seen by a medical professional and I can raid the pharmaceutical lab. Hence there will be no A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang today.
Strange, I’m sure I just heard mass cheering…



30 thoughts on “N is for No Post Today.

    • He’s fine Madilyn, just some severe bruising.
      Obviously because it was an emergency, I had time to do a quick sketch, caption that sketch, publish it and then like it on Facebook. Mother of the year award, here I come!

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  1. Hope Master Meglos is OK. . . . the joys of Hospital waiting rooms and queues. He is still young and flexible so I guess he should be OK, its us old folk who seem to come off worse if we fall. I know if I tripped most of my parts would snap off and I would be thrown in the recycling bin.

    No post for the letter N clever I wish I had thought of that . . . . . . DAMN.

    Take care both.

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    • Mr Z, the lil man is the most un-flexible child that I’ve ever known. I can twist my 11 month old niece like a pretzel, but the lil man at that age, was stiffer than wood. I was surprised that he didn’t shatter when he hit the floor last night.
      He’s okay. Just need to find a way mend that big mouth of his.
      Thank you. 🙂


  2. Oh,. fuck, what are we gonna do, son says he wants to learn to drive, wants to get a job…..but as husband wants, doest’nt want to move from here…………but as everthing son says……..never happens…I just want to cry myself to self to sleep


    • Tracy, so sorry to hear that you’re still having a hard time. 😦
      Maybe it’s just better to agree and then ignore it whenever your son makes a suggestion, as you know that nothing ever comes from it.
      Have you thought of going to your doctor and telling him just how stressed you are?


    • Thank you for that Claudette. I had just spent the last 10 mins blindly ignoring the pleas from my bladder, only for bladder to then get my full attention when I read your comment and almost enacted the acronym PMSL. The trip to the toilet (ooh, an alliteration) was quire fast paced. Again, thank you.

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  3. It certainly was thoughtful of you to take the time to post that you weren’t going to post. Hope all went well…and that Spawn was wrong, of course!

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    • I didn’t even realise that I was posting a post to say that I wasn’t posting a post, that’s how dim I am sometimes.
      All is well and Spawn is always wrong by default that I am a woman and therefore, always right.


  4. Well, I am happy to see that Spawn lives to torture you yet another day.. Week.. Month.. Year.. I’d like to say it gets better but my oldest son was a crash dummy all through h.s. and beyond. And my youngest boy child just gave me a not so brief explanation of the male urethra. The torture is never ending…

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