M is for Mince Pie-The A-Z Challenge Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.

And now it’s time for another poem.This one is called Lost and Alone.

Lost and alone,
I wander through the desolate forest of my despair.
I cry out loud in misery and defeat.
But my mournful cries fall only upon deaf ears,
for they are deaf.
And I am lost and alone.

I have tried beyond hope to find may way through
The dark despair of my solitude.
But only the trees can see my pain,
for I am in a forest where there is lots of wood
and they cannot help me, because they are trees.
And so I feel lost and alone.

I scream out loud but no one hears,
which sort of makes sense, cos no one heard me cry out in misery and defeat either.
I look for a sign, an omen of relief
and try as I might, I can see no way out.
Without a GPS tracking system or a map,
I remain lost and still alone.

I plead to the gods,
“why have you forsaken me?”
“Why am I here?” “What have I done?”
They listen intently to my pain before remarking,
“you took a wrong turn down the A41 and it is this very reason,
why you are lost and also alone.”

And so like Eddie Murphy’s career,
I remain in limbo.
And like the face of Sarah Jessica Parker,
the nights remain long.
So like a lost soul whose soul has been lost,
I too remain lost and hopelessly alone.

Damn, mother was right. The education system really was wasted on me. And now for today’s letter…


Cockney rhyming slang-Mince Pies


Example– Man No 1-“Ere, that Sharon has got a lovely set of mince pies.”

Man No 2-“Just wait till you see her muffins.”




27 thoughts on “M is for Mince Pie-The A-Z Challenge Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.

  1. I have to admit that poetry as a whole leaves me confused for one, and generally unmoved, for two. See I can count, although that’s as far as my maths goes. But your poem Lily, was right up my Uncle Pete. My favourite bit was the insensitive trees, uncaring of your lostness-ness. Damn those trees. Oh, and that photo of the mince pies? Also going to give me nightmares, thank you.

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    • Ooh, that sounds like it might be painful for uncle Pete…
      I wouldn’t call it a poem so much as a bunch of words thrown at the screen and arranged so that they make up a semi coherent sentence. But thank you. 🙂

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  2. I am well impressed with this poetry of yours Miss Lily not only is it good but it is long which bearing in mind this is the A to Z means you are certainly doing this the hard way. And yet again putting my own poetry to shame, but I can live with that, the humility (do I mean that or something else) and disgrace and the destruction of my ego yes I will take it all in my stride and carry on because that is the sort of chap I am. well sort of

    I see the cockney slang is still going well (note that is almost a pun. . . I think).

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    • Mr Z, there is a difference in our poem writing, namely that you know how to write them.
      Just be impressed that I haven’t mentioned my lady parts in any of them…yet.

      Feeling the burn of the challenge now. Running low on energy, and when I say energy, I mean chocolate.


    • Thank you Christie. I am known for my simile. In fact, I write similes like a person who writes similes writes similes.
      Can’t think why I haven’t been entered for the Pulitzer Prize yet…

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  3. With those “lovely mince pies” Sharon can easily get cast in a zombie movie LOL!

    I love your poem, Lily, well done! It really describes “lost and alone” with a wonderfully humorous edge and very witty. You have a real knack for poetry, seriously. Some people writing that would have dragged it down, made it too morbid or hammed it up too much trying to make it lighter, but you had the perfect balance. I love your use of imagery and wordplay…”like a lost soul whose soul has been lost” (love that) and “like the face of Sarah Jessica Parker, the nights remain long” (too funny)! My other fav lines are about the trees and about the gods. Trees are never any help, they just stand there waving their limbs in the breeze. And those gods are always good with advice after the fact…oh you took a wrong turn! Yeah, ya think?! (and could describe my life lol!) 🙂

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    • Sharon was much more scarier then I’d imagined her to be.
      Aww, that’s so kind of you Madilyn. I honestly don’t believe that I have ANY talent for writing poetry. I just write what makes me laugh and hope that others like it to.
      Couldn’t resist having another poke about SJP. I’m expecting a ‘Cease and Desist’ notice to come through the post any day now.

      Haha! Not only did I take a wrong turn, but I ran headlong into oncoming traffic, avoided the obstacle, only to be knocked down…wow…that was depressing…:)

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  4. How did you know I was blind in one ear and couldn’t see out of the other one? And you don’t have to call me a god, maybe a half-god, but I wouldn’t go any further than that. Most people who take a wrong turn end up in Philadelphia. Never been there myself, but it’s reputation is just the opposite of “brotherly love.”

    Now, that we know about Sharon’s mince pies and muffins, I can’t wait to see her buns.

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    • That sentence about the hole in your eardrum kinda makes my head want to implode. The images of a blind ear is so unfathomable, that it’s unfathomably unfathomable.
      Never been to Philadelphia, but I hear it tastes great on toast. As for Sharon’s buns, they’re nothing compared to her soft shelled tuna taco.


    • The picture does give a little jolt to the senses, doesn’t it. I’m not sure if I will ever be able to look at mince pies in quite the same way again…unless it’s topped with custard…maybe ice-cream…ooh, how about some cherry brandy sauce? Okay, I’ll stop typing now.

      Thank you for your visit Tarkabarka and for taking the time out to leave a comment. 🙂


  5. Finding myself laughing out loud at some of your posts! And your poetry really speaks to me (You’d know that’s not a compliment, if you knew me)

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