K is for KY Jelly-The A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.

It was a futile struggle. A struggle made ever more cumbersome by the heavy load with which I was also burdened. I couldn’t do it anymore, I just couldn’t. I knew for certain that this was one battle that I was not going to win, no matter how hard I tried. I was fast becoming weary of fighting. My arms now lacked strength and my back became ever more weighted with the problem set before me.
No, no matter how hard I tried, the new bra that I had recently purchased, just wasn’t going to fit.
And now for the letter…


Cockney rhyming slang, although this one is more current then the previous slang used-KY Jelly


Example-“I bloody hates that Simon Cowell. He’s always on the bleedin’ KY Jelly.”






27 thoughts on “K is for KY Jelly-The A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.

  1. I do have a love hate relationship with the old tele. O yes it is very useful to chill out in front of for an hour in the evening watching, and despite the great myriad of channels and the ability to watch anything at any time most of it is rubbish. But I dont like to waste my time watching it too long when I can waist it is so many other ways like trying to get my bra on. DAMN those things are complicated why any chap would want to be a transvestite is beyond me. Us chaps have a much better system of clothing where we pull on a selection of stuff and then a few weeks later change it for some more stuff throwing the old smelly stuff in the corner of a room that is not looked at to often. And if all goes well some of the stuff will be coordinated and not too creased.

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    • That sounds like my house, where clothing is filed under F for Floor (wet towels, underpants, socks) , or I for Ironing Board (things that have nearly been put away but not quite), or B for Bannisters (drape everything else at the top of the stairs). One place clothing is rarely put away is W for Wardrobe or D for Drawer. Sorry, nothing to do with the letter K.

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    • Mr Z, I hardly watch the telly box and the lil man mainly uses it to watch Doctor Who DVDs.
      By the way, does your wife know your penchant for donning the torture device that is the brassiere? good lord, I sound like my child!) Speaking of Satan, you would never catch the lil man wearing even the same pair of socks twice. Mind you, he has no concept of where the washing machine and basket live and thinks that his bedroom floor is where clothes go to die.

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    • Tamara Narayan, I’m pretty sure that you’re not the only one that doesn’t get it. I’m even beginning to confuse myself!

      Thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment. 🙂


  2. Lily, your tale of woe with the new bra is so aptly described and something I am way too familiar with!

    KY Jelly for Telly is rather hysterical but even more hysterical is Simon Cowell on top of that KY Jelly tube ha ha. So clever and now every time I see him on the “bleedin’ KY Jelly” I’ll think of that image LOL!!

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    • They were all of an age where they needed to keep their bras on, especially scenes where they were lying on their backs. Suffocation is not a nice way to meet one’s end.


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