C is for Chalk Farm. A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.

This morning, I awoke at the crack of Dawn eager to begin my day and continue onwards on this adventure called the A-Z Challenge. Mind you,  I have asked Dawn repeatedly not to expose her crack so early in the morn, but it seems that my requests have fallen upon deaf ears…which is somewhat understandable as Dawn is indeed deaf. So on to today’s letter, which is…


Cockney rhyming slang-Chalk Farm


Example-“Oi guvnor. I’ve noticed that yer seem ta ave yer chalk farm round me lemon. (girlfriend) Hairy biscuits and cheese, (please) kindly remove it or ya shall find me boot up yer Khyber pass.” (booty)

Translation of the translation by Spawn-“Hello my good fellow. It has been brought to my cognizance that you appear to have your upper appendage around my good lady friend. Kindly remove said appendage or we duel at dawn whereby you may find my boot encountering a place of much discomfort. Good day sir.”


Chalk Farm…see what I did there?


*Chalk with creepy facial expressions drawn by Spawn


35 thoughts on “C is for Chalk Farm. A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.

  1. I’ve always fancied the crack of Dawn.
    So glad that you translated it cos I didn’t understand a bleedin’ word.
    I love using slang cos it totally confuses those not in the know.
    Now I wait with bated breathe for ‘D’
    Have a great day girlie

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    • It’s not that I don’t like the crack of Dawn, but I’ve got to have at least one cup of coffee and a baked goods before I can appreciate it. I do like it when the sun goes down though…ahem…*coughs*

      Slang confuses the hell out of me when my brother starts talking about money. When he bangs on about ‘ponies’ and ‘monkeys’ I’m like, why is he talking about the zoo?

      You have great day as well Mr D.

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  2. surely Dawn is a bit Mutt and Geoff rather than simply deaf Miss Lily (just saying I mean if you are going to go all cockney and stuff) . . . . . Maybe you should have done the A to Z of Spawns sayings, I suspect the Lil-man could give you an endless supply of interesting comments all the way to Z and beyond. Well all I can say is Wooden Duck (good luck) Miss Lily.

    I think I wrote the letter C on Saturday and it is due to appear by magic on the blog in a bit. The Big Boy (joy) of technology and Calling Cat (all that)

    Ooooo are you planning to wear your pearly Queen outfit and play a bit of Mrs Mills . . .

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    • It is Mutt and Geoff Mr Z, but the beginning of each post isn’t part of the lesson of cockney rhyming slang. That would be faaaar too much work and I’m faaaar too lazy to put in that much effort.
      I might continue with the Lil man’s translation of the translation. He can write it and I can go back to bed. Perfect.
      And please, *whispers* don’t mention Mrs Mills. Who knows where that woman will be lurking with her next party invitation.


  3. I have often wondered just how confusing Cockney slang can be.

    If somebody as talking about a “Chalk Farm” but instead of ARM they meant lip-balm or Vietnam, or their Palm?

    Who is in charge of deciding which rhyme is for which word?

    Is it the Queen (Mr Sheen)?

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  4. Hysterical! You’ve prompted me to create a Pinterest board specifically for fellow A to Z’ers and the posts that I love. As soon as I’m done with this comment, I’m adding A, B, and C to my board and every one of your A to Z posts to follow. This is GREAT stuff Lily! 😀

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  5. Chalk Farm for arm, ha ha! Lily, I love the way Spawn translated the translation, perfect. I don’t even know WTF a chalk farm is but that image with the creepy faces sure gives me an idea LOL! And oh yes, Dawn is most certainly deaf! !

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    • I probably should have mentioned that Chalk Farm is a place in London. Oops, my bad.
      I asked Spawn to draw the faces on the chalk, but grew suspicious when he wouldn’t let me look at his creative outpourings until the end. That boy really knows how to showcase his brand of crazy.

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  6. Wait! If that chalk farm coordinated itself better, it could make a fence! Is that how white picket fences came to be? (love their faces)

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    • Spawn was responsible for the placing of the scary chalk-zombies as well as their scary expressions. Not sure what he was trying to achieve, but who am I to question his obvious insanity.


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