B Is For Boat-Race. A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.

Ah, Spring. As a child I used to love the bright sunlight that filtered through the dawning of the day. I revelled in the warmth that lightly toasted my skin and basked in the joy of it’s effervescent glow. I’d spend hours running through the wilds of the forest chasing the winged beauty of the Butterfly and once caught, I would marvel at the patterns that decorated it’s wings and stroke the delicate little hairs that covered it’s body like a blanket of love. Sometimes the silky feel of it’s form would gross me out and that’s when I would remember that Butterflies are just moths wearing make-up. The deception would cause me to swell with a burning hate, my ire rising with each breath that I took. The rage would only to be quelled when I reached forth for a rock, bashing it repeatedly against the wretched winged creature of deceit. Up and down the rock would fall, crushing and pulverizing and all the while, the maniacal laughter that pushed forth from my lungs would echo around the forest as I cursed the lies that nature told!!


Er…maybe we should move on to today’s letter and pretend that the above NEVER happened…


Cockney rhyming slang-Boat-race


Examples-Eww, what is the strange, unsightly growth growing out of Sarah Jessica Parker’s boat-race? Oh my bad, it’s Sarah Jessica Parker.


Sarah Jessica Parker


A Horse



27 thoughts on “B Is For Boat-Race. A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang.

    • Now if only they were over six feet tall and built like Thor, then that tongue would sure come in handy…you know, for things like…er…getting the last of the ice cream from the bottom of the cone…um…yeah…*coughs*


  1. Well, bugger. I used to think Sarah was a pretty lady…

    Yeah, I said bugger. Happy now? Actually, I’ve used that word for a lot of years, although it sometimes sounds more like booger when it rolls off of my oh-so-sophisticated tongue.

    Okay, NOW I’m gonna get to writing. (Not MY fault your posts come to be via email…)

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    • Because they’re not sitting on faces with a huge stick in their hands…hold on, what were we talking about again? Damn, now I’m confused…


    • Heehee, you are now an honorary cockney for using boat race in a sentence. And yep, I know many people who could be described as moths wearing make-up.


  2. Cor blimey Miss Lily that’s a chirpy cock sparrow if ever I saw one, me old mum would rub a goose and pickle a gherkin if she was to get a gander of your buttered toast (post) and choke on her Rosy lee and muffins.

    Keep up the haunted wood (good) & sweaty murk (work) . . . . I can see why this rhyming slang is not used as much as it used to be in the old days.

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    • Ooh, Princess. I had thought to avoid the nightmares tonight, but now my head is filled with images of a girl who has a boat race that only a mother could love. Unfortunately, even Princess’ mother doesn’t love her THAT much.

      Yes Milady, I mean M’lord, Parker was a cockney and Lady Snooty draws’ Limo driver, but you knew that anyway. 😉


  3. Boat-race for face, too funny! Heard Tom Petty’s song “A Face in the Crowd” and changed it to…”You were just a boat-race in the crowd, out in the street, walking around…” and tripping down the apples and pears! LOL!

    Butterflies are moths wearing make-up, that’s hysterical, Lily, but when you think about it, yeah, that’s really it!

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    • Oh Madilyn, that made me laugh out loud, especially with the ‘and tripping down the apples and pears’ addition. Too funny!

      At least moths don’t lie with their unflattering colours, but Butterflies are the true deceivers of nature, hiding their moth-like status behind a veneer of pretty colours and patterns…guess you can tell that I REALLY hate Butterflies.

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    • Haha! I really do hate both, especially white butterflies. They’re the more cocky ones who think they’re ‘all that’ and so don’t need to hide their yukiness under a cloak of LIES…I mean fancy colours and patterns. Last year, I almost pushed Spawn into oncoming traffic just to escape one that flew too close.

      The feeling is entirely mutual. 🙂


    • Brett, I have no idea. Most of the words used, are words that I grew up around and it still confuses the heck out of me. I’m not sure that even the oldsters that use it know.


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