A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang

According to Wikipedia, Cockney Rhyming Slang is “A form of phrase construction in the English language that is especially prevalent in dialectal English from the East End of London.” Now I’ve got no idea what the hell in Morgan Freeman that sentence means, is it even written in English? What I do knows however, is that we English knows how to speak proper seeing that it’s cos we’s *invented the language what the queen now speaks, in the first place…ahem…

A Brief History

Back in the mid 19th century, it was customary for Londoners to replace common words such as ‘feet,’ ‘mate,’ ‘stairs’ etc, with elements of speech that rhymed. So for example, the word “feet,” would become “plates of meat” because why waste time using one word when you could use a whole sentence? (I said we invented the English language, I didn’t say that we were intelligent) And although now a dying art form, cockney rhyming slang is still sometimes used by those who should have long since exited this world, (seriously, some of those folks are older than God!) or the cast of Eastenders.
So here for your amusement and because quite frankly I’m bored off my arse, is my A-Z of cockney rhyming slang.


Common word or phrase-Stairs
Cockney rhyming slang-Apples and pears
Example-I’m going to kick Spawn’s sorry butt down the apple and pears if he insists on continuing to steal my battery operated toy. It is not a rocket launcher or a missile for his Action Man figures.

apples and pears

*Of course we didn’t invent the English language, that honour belonged to a bunch of weirdy beardys called The Anglo Saxons.



31 thoughts on “A-Z Of Cockney Rhyming Slang

    • I’m trembling too Brian, but that’s probably just because I’m going through cold turkey at the moment.

      Did you just make up your own cockney rhyming slang? This is why you ROCK like a caveman!

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  1. Amazing theme. Brilliant. Colossal. Did ya see what I did with the alphabetty thingy, Lily, did ya, did ya?
    Actually (A word again), I’m really glad to see you taking part again this year. Last year was great fun, and I am standing by to be entertained and educated by your unique humour. X

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Kimberley.
      I see you. I see exactly what you did there.
      I’m struggling already and we’re only on ‘B!’ Need more coffee…or crack…
      Good thing no one is reading this. 🙂


    • Hello lovely Andrea, I think after a few more posts, other people will also be thinking of me and hoping that I’ll stay AWAY from the challenge. 🙂


  2. Love it! I’m theoretically taking the month off from blogging, but I couldn’t resist reading this post from you. Not sure it I’ll resist the rest of your offerings, either, but I probably won’t comment on all of them. Or many of them. Maybe not any of them. Because, ya know, I AM supposed to be holed up in my office working on a book…

    Great theme idea. Have fun with it!

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    • Susan, I ALWAYS appreciate the times you drop by during the challenge, especially as I know you take this month off. So thank you. Still determined to get you to say a few cockneys words though. 🙂


  3. Is Lily doing the A to Z?

    26 days of Lily?

    This is awesome.

    I am a happy man and it’s not ‘cos of the “WHY DO AMERICANS CALL IT VACATION” – medication


    * I am not very good at this cockney rhyming slang. I’m far too northern (which is better )

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    • Mr H, I haven’t a bloody clue what you’re on about. It must be the Northern accent with which you write. Seriously, youse up north cud lern a thing from us Southies, namely how to enlongate your words so that they come out like this, “Oiiiiiiiii you slaaaaaaag!” See, it’s like poetry.


    • Thank you Karen! Hysterical and challenging, that about sums me up. 🙂
      Can you imagine me presenting this idea to Mattel? I can hear them laughing from here.


  4. Well Miss Lily I am pleased to see you back and somewhat shocked that you are doing the A to Z. . . I think this proves once and for all you are as mad as a hatter, and a mad one at that.

    What can I say you have hit the A to Z by storm which explains why my blog is so quiet. I knew there had to be a logical reason, rather than folk not liking slightly odd poetry, I mean that Spike Milligan made a good living from being a bit odd and wring a bit of poetry. OK he was seriously odd but I am working on it as best I can.

    I am a little worried that rhyming slang might not cover the letters X U Z Q M N B I W S C E D K L O P T R or several other letters making your task a bit tricky. But I am looking forward to reading it all and wish you all the very best. And no running off half way through having made slightly rude cockney gestures with your plates of meat (hands). My Skype Spring Thrills (typing skills) have not improved either making poetry a bit sticky licky (tricky) meaning dog rhymes with bus which is clearly not Christmas Pud (good).

    Right off to see what you have Muddy Moat (wrote) for B

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    • Mr Z, I joined literally at the last minute and I don’t even know why! I think it’s safe to say by the quality of writing, that no preparation has gone into any of my posts whatsoever. As for those letters of which you ponder, which is practically the whole of the alphabet, I’ve got no idea whether I’ll find anything for them either. I guess I missed that part at uni where they told us that research was important. If all else fails, I shall just pack up my blog, withdraw from the internet, move across the ocean and spend my time milking Yaks in the Himalayan mountains…so nothing too drastic.
      Onwards to C we go!


  5. ‘Ullo Treacle.
    Nice to ‘ave you back.
    I was in Starbucks getting my morning everton when I realised that you’d written sumfing. I fort I’d wait until I’d drunk me coffee as I was wearing a new whistle and didn’t fancy messing it up and getting in a bit of a two and eight. Drank me coffee and then couldn’t get the bloody interweb! Bugger! So I had to wait ’til I got back to me drum before I read it. Pie and mash all down me front! Nearly wet me pants larfing. Poor Spawn. A kick in the Aris is never nice. Trust me girl, you ain’t lost your mojo.
    Blimey. You’ve dun “B” as well.
    Splendid to see you’re still in fine form. Looking forward to “C”!
    Have a great evening

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    • Arfur J Shanks Mr D, glad I wasn’t responsible for anovver messed up Dicky Dirt, I’m garn ter ‘ave ter send ya a packet of bibs otherwise. As for spawn,’e ‘ad it coming messing about in me privates…oh…that sentence didn’t come out well at all…
      Thanks again Mr D. 🙂


    • I admit that I did er and um when you said you were taking part. There’s a tiny part of the blogosphere in which the rebels of the blogging world exist and most of them decided not to do the challenge. But then you were like, “I’m doing the challenge,” and I thought if rebel Frank is doing it, I may as well give it a try. Don’t grumble if I curse your name halfway through. 🙂

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  6. Lily, I absolutely love your A-Z post theme of Cockney Rhyming Slang!! How creative and fun! As an American and someone with roots on my father’s side going back to England, this is so interesting and now I’m wondering if any of them ever spoke that way … oh, let’s bloody hell kick Uncle Frederick’s sorry butt down the apples and pears LOL! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Madilyn, although I’m totally unprepared. I’m just going to blag my way through the whole thing and hope that nobody notices.

      Heehee, I have a dream that every American reader and those from other nations, will adopt the cockney language by the end of this challenge. 🙂

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