Felines, Quaaludes, Comics And Gay Dogs.

Warning:One count of nudity featuring a hapless feline..

After a hard day’s work of cleaning out the cellar and re-chaining my man-slaves to the wall, I like to drown out their screams of fear and desperation by listening to some classical music. Nothing quite soothes the soul or stops the cries of “please release me, I won’t tell anyone what happened” and  “dear god, what did I do to deserve such torture,” then the sweet sounds of dulcet tones and stirring strings.

Felines, Quaaludes Comics And Gay Dogs.

First up, we have a song that raises the age old question that every man has sought the answer to, since the dawn of time.


Well the reply is quite simple, as told in this lovely little ditty, lovingly entitled…


Aww. Such a heartwarming tune about family love and a sense of belonging. Quite touching really. (wipes tear from eye) Carrying on with the animal theme, here we have a chirpy little number that celebrates our happy friend, the canine.

gay dogs

Isn’t that beautiful? Because not only is dog man’s best friend, but our beloved pets are a part of our family and as such, much loved…though I’m guessing that there was a little bit too much loving going on between these two…


Next up, with have an album by that illustrious comedian Bill Cosby. With such tracks as “”Quaaludes Are A Girl’s Best Friend,” and “Your Love Flows In My System Like The Methaqualone I put in yours,” this album is fun for all the family.

bill cosby

Now here’s an album that never fails to bring a tear to my eye. This gem is all about letting out those pent up feelings as Johnny encourages us all to open up and just let it all hang out. Truly inspiring.


Now join me in listening as little Gary Dee Bradford, sings for not only me but for you and you and of course, you…though I really wish he wouldn’t. Seriously Gary, you’re scaring me.

sings for you

And last but not least…OH MY GOD! KILL THEM! KILL THEM WITH FIRE!!


Join me in the coming weeks, as I share with you some more classics from my assorted collection of goodies.



32 thoughts on “Felines, Quaaludes, Comics And Gay Dogs.

  1. Such an, um, eclectic playlist. But you left out one of my faves from the late ’50s or early ’60s, “Knockers Up” by Rusty Warren. It’s filled with rousing march-like songs, to which inebriated women used to parade around at parties to flaunt their goodies. Might be just the thing to cheer up your dudes in the cellar. 🙂

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    • LOL! Thanks for mentioning Rusty Warren Susan. Oh my, I just listened to ‘Knockers Up’ on youtube and even I was agog! And she looks like such a lovely lady too!! I mean how far does she want me to get my knockers up? Answer, “UP UP UP UP UP…
      The men down in the cellar, need a good thrashing. I entered and they all burst into a chorus of ‘Who Let The Dogs Out.”

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  2. The erm … Pussy one reminds me of Tit-Bits, a magazine that my grandad used to get in the 60s and 70s. Not sure what I’d make of it now 😀 Maybe it belongs in my memory of Saturday afternoons with Nan and Grandad cheering on Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy on the black and white telly.


    • Kimberley, I was expecting something a little more risque when I looked up the title ‘Tit-Bits.’ I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, but I am disappointed.

      Ooh, I remember the days of Saturday wrestling. Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy, what legends.

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      • Hi Lily, maybe Grandad kept the good stuff under the bed and only brought out the slightly less dodgy editions for my sister and I to look at. I remember it had plenty of wobbly bits though.

        We didn’t have a bathroom in the house we were living in, and only had an outdoor loo – so used to go to Nan and Grandad’s for a weekly bath – it’s almost unimaginable now!

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        • Talking about mags featuring wobbly bits, I spent most of my childhood trying not to look on the top shelf in those little corner stores. Sometimes I failed and those images haunt me still,
          I was born in the times when you had to put on the immersion heater to warm up the water. Because my mum couldn’t always afford to use it to bathe four children, we’d take a weekly stroll down to the local bath-house. It was the highlight of our week. Good times.

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  3. LMAO Lily! I was laughing out loud at those songs! As I scrolled down each one was funnier than the last. I see the feline theme as always is popular and so is love, all kinds of love that just should not go together! “Expose Yourself to Cajun Music” OMG, that is just wrong!! Oh that little Gary scared me too and so do those Confidence sisters!!

    Had to save Bill Cosby for last because what he did is so disturbing I’ve been having a difficult time wrapping my head around it. For so many years I loved his comedy. I watched his show. I adored him! I am so-oooo disappointed!!! Just makes me sick how he took advantage of those women. And that brings me to your “fun for all the family” album ha ha! Those tracks about quaaludes and love flowing “like the methaqualone I put in yours,” now that’s hysterical!!!


    • Madilyn, the disappoint I feel at Mr Crosby is immense. Who didn’t want to be a part of the Crosby family whilst watching one of the best comedy shows ever?! I grappled with whether to use him in this post or not, but then my twisted brain took over, held me at gun point and forced me to do it. As for those sisters. You’d have to have a lot of confidence to go out looking like they do. And poor Gary. Gary should never be let out to sing for the masses. He makes “singing for you and you and you”, sound like a threat.

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  4. I think the McDonald sisters were ahead of their time–probably role models for Caitlyn Jenner. I suppose they’ll release a new album called “Courage” soon.


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