A-Z Reflection Post…Oh Lord, Does It Never End?

A-Z Reflection Post

Last word on the A-Z Challenge I promise. Allergy warning: Posts may contain nuts, wheat, diary products and a few cuss words. Towards the end of the A-Z Challenge, I learned one very important lesson and that is that drinking hot chocolate, immediately followed by a lukewarm mocha topped with cream, is not a good idea. My stomach was so upset by the absurdity of the situation, that it decided to evict it’s occupants without prior notice and now my derriere hates me.

frankhurt I also discovered that there are too many damned letters in the alphabet.


Although not as many as there are in Khmer, (Cambodia) which has 74 letters. So I should be thankful for small mercies  I suppose. Having to endure a 74 day alphabet challenge, would have seen me like this:


before then having to check myself in a monastery. No I don’t mean a Nunnery. There are no men in a Nunnery. Having said that, I enjoyed this year’s challenge immensely, even though both comments and visitors did taper off significantly after the third week, but that still didn’t make it any less fun or enjoyable. During the challenge however, my posts were met with critical acclaim.

This is what bitter disappointment looks like.

This is what bitter disappointment looks like.

Some people praised my sophisticated sense of jocularity.


Some people followed.

Oh Lord, we can't take no more of this shit!

Oh Lord, we can’t take no more of this shit!

And some promised to book mark me and read at a later date.

not give a

My only complaints are, bloggers who would follow but once followed back, would then stop commenting or visiting. And although I did carry on reading through their A-Z posts until the end, I unfortunately, no longer felt like contributing. Also, the world of the blogosphere can be quite fickle in that certain groups of people only follow blogs of the same ilk. Understandable because they have a common cause, but it does leave smaller blogs floundering around. Apart from that, the support and encouragement from the A-Z team was wonderful in keeping up moral and without the same from a few of my regulars, I don’t think that I would have even gotten half way through the challenge. A big thank you to all those who dropped by and left a comment. Your visits were very much appreciated. As I invariably end up saying without fail, “I ain’t never doing that again.” So if anyone sees The Incoherent Ramblings Of A Moose on next year’s Linky list, you have permission to shoot me this look.


Oh, before I go, I must mention my womb-fruit who also completed the challenge this year. http://spawn15.blogspot.co.uk/ Congratulations Lil man.

Definitely The End.



38 thoughts on “A-Z Reflection Post…Oh Lord, Does It Never End?

  1. I just saw that we were supposed to do a reflection post. Guess I’ll do mine after work.

    I loved your challenge posts this year. Anyone that stopped reading is a poopyhead!


    • As long as it’s done by the 8th Frank, then you’re okay. The linky list for the Reflection post isn’t up until Monday, I just wanted to get it out of the way.

      Thank you. 🙂 I did have more to say…a lot more, especially about cliques and the way that humour blogs are treated by those who see themselves as serious writers, but in the end, I couldn’t be arsed. I am most definitely interested to read about your experiences of the challenge. Cannot wait!

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  2. Well done Miss Lily a grand bit of reflecting on the A to Z, there are a small group who do have a habit of following every blog doing the A to Z, so I now wait a few weeks to see what the blogs I might follow do before I follow them. You do have a good group of regular followers and it makes a huge difference.

    I like the your chirpy enthusiasm combined with a subtle hint of criticism in your reflection post, my own bitter and twisted effort immediately ended in someone un-following me, well that is not meant to happen.

    I am hoping this comment posts OK, the internet is weird tonight for sure such is life in the wilds of the country.


    • Thank you Mr Z!
      I think that waiting a few weeks sounds like a good idea. But I also suspect that the reason you were unfollowed, was because you didn’t follow back immediately. I say that because your Reflection post was neither bitter nor twisted. Whatever happened to people just following a blog because they simply enjoyed it and not to get a follow back? I also suspect that I will lose a few over the next couple of days. In fact I guarantee it. And yes, there are those that follow every blog. Surely they must have reached the amount that they can follow ages ago!

      Well there is no doubt whatsoever, that your posts were the most unique in this year’s challenge. And although I’ve said it a thousand times already, I enjoyed them all.

      I do love my little group of regulars, of which you are one. You guys do make ALL the difference. And as for ‘the wilds of the country,’ I think that’s quite poetic.


  3. Lily, I loved every single post of your challenge. Writing posts for 26 different letters, no easy task and I applaud you for doing it all the way!! You had me laughing through every post and the videos here had me laughing again! Ouch about your poor derriere!

    I am totally with you about bloggers. If I had done the A-Z challenge, I’d feel exactly the same way. To me those are navel-gazers too preoccupied with themselves; they don’t get that support is a two-way street!! It’s true that the blogosphere is so fickle, I’ve seen it too. I like to read different types of blogs and you’re right, so many only read blogs of the same ilk (which is why I lost a few bloggers who came by in the beginning after they realized that I was not a mom too). That thinking is just too limited for me. Well done, Lily, and yay for you!!! 🙂


    • Oh Madilyn, it’s been three days and my derriere is just beginning to forgive.

      It was such a shame to come across a blog that I was generally interested in, but once they got that follow back, that was it. I’d leave a couple of comments and when I got nothing back, I simply stopped. I still read their posts, but like you said, it’s a two way thing. Like you, I have different types of blogs on my reader, but a lot of the blogs I came across during the challenge, only seem to support and promote those that were the same as their own. It’s a bit disheartening, but it still didn’t take away from my enjoyment of it, especially when such wonderful people as yourself, commented or simply ‘liked’ a post. As for those mommy bloggers, they’re a tough bunch. The Mommy Mafia, I like to call them. If ever there was a clique, then they are among the worst. Believe me, if people unfollow on the basis that you’re not ‘one of them,’ then you’re best out of it. Your posts are the complete opposite to mine and that’s why I enjoy them so much. You have a gentle and poetic way of writing and I love that. Those that aren’t open to the ways of other bloggers, can suck it. 🙂

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  4. Well, ya did it! You made it all the way through the alphabet, girl! (Not that I ever doubted you for a minute…)

    Great reflections on the experience. A lot of people participate in the A-Z just to pick up new followers, but what good are new followers if you never ever hear from them again once they hit that “follow” button? Well, I’m glad you enjoyed the challenge. I enjoyed all of your posts that I read. But yours are the only ones I read; my other blogger pals are gonna disown me. (See? Doesn’t that make you feel special?)


    • Oh I do feel special. I feel very special indeed! Wow, that means a lot. 🙂
      Unfortunately, it all seems to be about just getting numbers nowadays, instead of people that are actually interested in what you have to write about. I’m not sure when that started to happen. But when all is said and done, I really did enjoy this year’s challenge more than I had previously.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, especially as it was your month away from blogging. I really did appreciate it.


  5. You did pretty good, woman. Always a good read, even if you don’t read mine anymore.
    I knew I could not keep up with the A-Z challenge. It would have been a major pain in the ass for me. And talking about ass, and the pain in yours…. how is it doing now by the way?

    Hasn’t lost its appeal regardless of what you’ve put it through. In more ways than intended. 🙂

    I read it on the toilet walls. 🙂


    • PorkStar, I didn’t even know that you were still blogging. Your posts have not been coming up in reader. Plus you use to tell me when you had written a new post and seeing as that no longer happens, I had no idea. I’ll check my reader when I’m done commenting.

      My derriere is fine thanks. We are back on friendly terms, though it’s going to take some time for me to fully earn it’s trust again. Though I think if it sees one more dry biscuit and no diary products, there will be hell to pay.

      Seriously, you’ve got to stop hanging around those men’s toilets. People are beginning to talk.

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      • I decided to leave the social media behind almost completely, among a variety of reasons. And yes, I am still blogging on a weekly basis, seems like that will be the most useless activity I plan on doing for a while because, just like an ass scratch, it’s kinda pleasing.


        • Yep, I noticed. Would have been nice to have had an explanation, but oh well…

          Okay, I’ve just finished reading up on all the posts I’ve missed…no comment about the taking your shoes off post. Still not sure why they’re not coming through. Damn, better check the rest of the blogs on my list! Ooh, it does seem like your posse…that’s POSSE, of female fans is rising.

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  6. ppffft… it’s barely what it was before. Some recently dropped out of the race too because I am not mommy blog reading material either. I’ve gotten cussed out via email now, woohoo!

    Sorry for leaving 😦

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    • Congratulations! You have now officially joined the league of those of us who have been ousted by the Mommy Blog Mafia! Revel in the disdain and outright disgust that has been verily heaped upon you, and welcome! 🙂

      I’m sure you have your reasons. Anyway, onward and upwards as they say. And no, I don’t know who ‘they’ are either.


  7. Oh, I do hope you do the Challenge again next year. Yours was the blog that entertained me the most this year, and as a newish blogger, the only one so far that I have reblogged on my own, so that other people could enjoy it as much as I did.

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    • Aww, thank you Kimberly, that is such a compliment. Every year I say that I’m not going to do the challenge, but this was my fourth time. So yep, I probably will take part next year but this time I will prepare ahead of time…I say that every year too.

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  8. How did I miss this post? I din’t understand this thing with ‘i followed you so you must follow me thing but what do I know? Lily, I had a fantastic time reading your A-Z Challenge and despite your protestations I’m sure you had a great time time writing all the posts. I also think that a great movie could come from this. Simon Pegg will be in contact soon I’m sure. I am also sorry to hear about your disruptive derriere. Perhaps it was getting it’s own back for your bum shuffle down a Cumbrian mountainside! Looking forward to your future posts


    • Mr D, unfortunately that’s the way it’s become. I like to read all the blogs that I follow, so if someone who blogs about ‘The use of wood throughout the ages,’ a subject that I’m not particularly interested in, follows me, then I’d feel dishonest about following them back as I would never read their posts. And what’s the point in following blogs that you’re never going to read? It makes no sense. So far, out of all the new followers that I’ve gained, only two have acknowledged any of my posts. It’s just become a numbers game. But yeah, despite all that, I did have a great time writing those posts.

      Ooh, I like the thought of Simon Pegg turning one of my posts into a movie. If anyone can make a success of my incoherent mess, then it would definitely be him. It’s got to have Morgan Freeman in it though. You can’t have a great movie without Morgan Freeman. Ooh and that Cumberbatch bloke. He’s a bit alien looking.

      Haha! You may be right about my disruptive derriere, but it’s been put through a lot worse…wait…that sounds worse than what I actually meant…

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      • I totally agree with you. However i thought you’d have at least a passing interest in wood! I wouldnt follow a blog on a subject that i have no interest in either. Not that thatblog has no value it just doesnt interest me so i wont follow if you follow me!


        • LOL! See, I knew I should have used ‘Metalwork, throughout the ages.’ But oh no, the little devil on my shoulder was like, “go on, use wood. No one will pull you up on it.” Incidentally, I just googled wood through the ages and there it is. Apparently it’s about ‘Examining the use of wood in Ireland through the ages, from the Mesolithic Period up to the Anglo-Norman and later Medieval Period’. And now in light of your comment, I find the use of wood throughout the ages, very amusing indeed.

          Well said Mr D. You’re right, it isn’t that a blog doesn’t have value, but if it doesn’t hold any interest, why follow?


  9. Another great wrap up, well my first one… I feel a little itchy, like I have caught something… something good… I just learned how to talk like a redneck.. replace “e” with ” ‘r ” except when the letter “r” is first to “e”…

    Y’rs I don’t know what I am talking about and didn’t m’ran to insult no body..

    We made it…Hope you had a great time, thank you for your Reflection!
    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2015]

    Come Visit: You know you want to know if me or Hollywood… is Nuts?


    • Hi Mary B, somehow your comment got lost among the spam folder. It was all a bit overwhelming, though I did bookmark quite a few blogs. I just haven’t had the time to read through them. Working my way through the Reflections list and Road tripping as we speak.
      Thank you for visiting and commenting. 🙂


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