A-Z Challenge: X is for eXtraterrestrial.

Follow the trials and tribulations of Lily, a beautiful young woman and the love of her life, Guido an Italian circus midget. Every word of this tale is true, apart from those which are not, which amounts to around 99.99.5% of the story, so er…none of it then…

Good God people. The SUSPENCE! The DRAMA! When will it all begin!! As we near the end of this tragic saga and left’s face it, what a tragedy of creative writing it’s been, I would humbly like to say, no, it doesn’t improve in the slightest. The only positive outcome, is that my tale is almost through.


julia“Father, what are you doing here?!”

grey2“The Hanna Barbera henchmen that you hired to kidnap this wanton woman, and I use the term ‘woman’ loosely…”


grey2“…were in fact, sent by me to keep an eye on your well-being. When they realised what you were up to, they sent word to me immediately.”

midget“Erm…can someone please explain to me what the hell in Morgan Freeman is going on?!”

grey2“Apologies human. Let me introduce myself. I am High Commander OO-E-Wallawallabingbang from the planet ‘STEVE’ and Julia’s father.




grey2“That is correct.”


grey2“Is there something wrong with your hearing, or is your range of understanding as short as your legs?”

clown1“Why do I feel like an extra in a B movie?”

clown2“B movie? I wouldn’t rate it that high.”

midget“So if you’re Julia’s father, then that means that Julia is also an alien.”

grey2“Well I see that you are as clever as you are tall. Yes, that is correct. Julia was always an inquisitive child and as she grew ever older, became curious about life beyond the stars. Never one to deny my only child, my race devised a machine that would give the appearance of a human being, thus ensuring that Julia could explore life on Earth, whilst assimilating herself into society without drawing suspicion upon herself.”

clown1“So you chose to give her the appearance of a bearded lady??”

grey2“Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Where did you come from?!”

clown4“Dude, we’ve been here all along.”

grey2“Aaaaaahhhhh! Another one of the monstrosities!”

clown2“Why does he keep screaming, he’s uglier than us! At least we look the why we do because we’re wearing make-up.”

clown4“Er…what make-up?”

grey2“Aaaaaahhhhh! Another one! Come in fleet commander Shakalakaboomboom, come in! We are under attack. I repeat, we are under attack…from Killer Clowns. Prepare for war!”

clown4“Who’s he talking to? He doesn’t have any communication devices.”

clown1“Meh. I suspect we’ll find out in the next enthralling episode…are you really not wearing any make-up?”


To be continued…



12 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: X is for eXtraterrestrial.

  1. Well that was very impressive, that was just like real life in fact it was just like being back in IKEA yesterday. It was full of some very strange folk indeed and I even looked at a OO-E-Wallawallabingbang unit for the new living room, Only they only had it in yellow and pink so I didn’t get one.

    Tomorrow brings as to Why sorry I mean Y. . . and I am looking forward to finding out.


    • Thank you Mr Z. I can assure you that tomorrow’s fare won’t be any better. Ooh, I do love Ikea, but it costs £80 for delivery down here. It would be cheaper to just move to Sweden.


  2. eXtraterrestrial, perfect for the letter “X”! Ah, figures that Julia is an alien. Nice job she did of assimilating herself into Earth society, not! High Commander OO-E Wallawallabingbang! ha ha too funny!! Reminds me of that old witch doctor song (meant to write that in my comment on the last post but got carried away with sending in the clowns LOL!) Planet STEVE?! Oh boy, gotta know where that came from! Killer clowns?! Hmmm, maybe or maybe not, I say the one with the big red nose and lips (no makeup, yikes!!) is right out of a Stephen King horror film!

    Lily, I am thoroughly enjoying this series, so much fun and so creative!!


    • Madilyn, Commander OO-E-Wallawallabing bang’s name IS taken from that Witch Doctor song. I wrote a post about him a long time ago, along with Captain Chakakhan and Captain Boonshakalaka.

      Aww thank you. I know a lot of visitors think that my posts are beneath them, and that they are senseless and pointless, so thanks Madilyn. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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