A-Z Challenge: T is for Today’s story

Follow the trials and tribulations of Lily, a beautiful young woman and the love of her life, Guido an Italian circus midget. Every word of this tale is true, apart from those which are not, which amounts to around 99.99.5% of the story, so er…none of it then…

Today’s story

Authour: I think dear reader, that it has become painfully obvious that the story which I had originally intended to write, has now jumped ship. Not only has it jumped ship, but it has purposely thrown itself overboard into shark infested waters, in the hopes that it will be consumed and thus escape the absolute futility that is my story-telling.

all“We know how it feels.”

Authour: This has not been helped however, by wayward characters that will not do as they are told and whose constant bickering has hindered the writing process as well as the creative.

julia“I wasn’t aware that she was even familiar with the process of what being creative is.”

midget“I don’t even think she’s aware of  what the writing process is.”

Authour: See, this is exactly the type of thing that I’m talking about. I doubt that anyone else on the A-Z Linky List…

henchmen2“Heehee…Linky list. Such a funny sentence.”

Authour: …Is having trouble with their characters revolting. Hence why I shall endeavour to ignore all distractions from now on and to just concentrate on the story.

henchmen2“Heh! Linky List…”

Authour: You’re an arse, do you know that? So, on with the Today’s Story. After finding out that his lady love Lily had been kidnapped by the vile and odious Julia, Guido decided that in the best interest of keeping the story-line going, his only option was to rescue her. Jumping into his retro mini, along with around twenty clowns as backup, they sped through the town that I had previously neglected to mention, in search of the damsel in distress.

clown1“She’s not the only one in distress. This story is like crack.”

clown2“What, moorish?”

clown1“Er…no, whack!”

clown2“Um…yeah, that’s what I meant, whack”…*coughs*

Authour: After driving around town for what seemed like hours, one of the scary man in make-up! KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE! Clowns had a sudden thought.

clown4“Hey, when we initially passed through town, didn’t Julia say that she had a place somewhere around here?”

midget“That’s right and also very convenient. Do you remember where she said it was?”

clown4“Somewhere near Bates Motel, I think.”

midget“Is that near…”



midget“Nevermind, I’ve found it. It’s two miles from here.”

clown1“How do you know that?”

secret lair

To be continued…



25 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: T is for Today’s story

  1. Lily Moose, you really need to have words with this author bloke and tell him to stop blaming all the characters for the lack of story line and to accept responsibility for his own ineptitude. Unless of course you are the author bloke in which case it’s a brilliant piece of original writing and all those bolshy little rascals had better get their act together or you’ll kill ’em all off before the end


  2. Phew what a busy day but it has almost calmed down, I say almost I will be running off in a sec or two and will need to return unless I stop wasting my writing time like this. Never trust a clown or a clowns car so I fear Guido might be in for a shock when he starts poking about in the Bat Cave. . . . . .

    AH DAMN its happened again I better go I have a meal to eat and stuff to do


  3. bwhahahahahaha! I LOVE that the clowns are part of the crack/whack rescue team! By the way, I never thought for a minute this story was off track!!!!


  4. An Italian circus midget with twenty colorful clowns as backup on a rescue mission to a secret (although well marked on a sign post!) lair beyond the Bat Cave, now that’s a classic!!! Lily, I’d love to see that in a movie. (Oh, that one clown with the big red nose and lips scares the crap outta me!!) Bates Motel LMAO! Is that where Julia got her training?!

    About the revolting wayward characters, those ingrates ought to be appreciative that they even got a part in the story!! 🙂


    • Right? I give these characters their 5 minutes of fame, only to have them dashed back in my face! It’s a good thing that I’m a blogging writer and not a writer who blogs, otherwise, they would have proper story lines to contend with and then they would really complain about all the hard work they are made to do. Ingrates!

      Liked by 1 person

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