A-Z Challenge-I is for Illicit Affair

Follow the trials and tribulations of Lily, a beautiful young woman and the love of her life, Guido an Italian circus midget. Every word of this tale is true, apart from those which are not, which amounts to around 99.99.5% of the story, so er…none of it then…

Illicit Affair

And thus begun my illicit affair with Guido the Italian circus midget. Life on the road wasn’t easy by any means, but whilst Guido worked diligently on his act, I earned my keep by mucking out the animal enclosures. The smell around the circus of feces and sweat, was often overpowering…and the animals weren’t much better either. But it was all worth it just to while away our nights, making sweet love in front of the fireplace…that’s Guido and I making sweet love in front of the fireplace, not the animals and I.

jessica“Oh Guido, take me!” I cried in whirl of orgiastic glee.

midget“Damn woman! I just gave you sweet loving in front of the fireplace five minutes ago.”

jessica“I know. It’s just that anytime you’re near me, I feel the burn of desire deep within my womb…although that could also be cystitis.”

midget“I feel the same way my  love. My heart burns for you…

jessica“Ooh, I think I might have some antacids for that.”

midget…like a burst of flame from a Phoenix. I can feel the Phoenix laying its egg of intimacy into what was once the dark recesses of my soul. I can feel it planting itself deep, looking for a place to burrow so that it can then hatch and become something more. Something even bigger.

jessica“Sounds like you may have worms. I’ll call the doctor in the morning.”

midget“Oh mia bella Lily! My love for you feels explosive. Like diarrhea, I cannot hold it in!”


midget“Amore mio, let’s us make love like we’ve never made love before!”

jessica“What, you mean like dress up like chickens?”

And as dusk turned to dawn and the blackness of the night turned a lighter shade of pale, Guido and I continued to drown in the river of passion that was our lovemaking, unaware that evil stalked around the corner. An evil by the name of Julia.

To be continued…unfortunately.



28 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge-I is for Illicit Affair

  1. Ah yes, an illicit affair, but of course! Lily, I just knew “I” would be “illicit” which is why I’d be perfect for running off with circus folk! Making burning love by the fireplace with an Italian circus midget, that’s hot stuff…LOL about your conversation and dressing up like chickens! But an evil named Julia throws cold water on those burning embers of love?!!! Oh no!!
    When I read “lighter shade of pale” a song popped right into my head and I had to go to youtube and find Procol Harem!


    • Madilyn, Whiter Shade Of Pale has been a favourite of mine since I first heard it as a child. In fact, I’m listening to it now. It kinda made me wish that I had been born in that era and is one of those songs that just evokes the feeling of the 60s. Still don’t know what the buggery he’s singing about though.

      ‘Throw cold water on those burning embers of love,’ I might just have to accidently on purpose, delete this comment to hide evidence of that sentence. Yep, I feel a dose of plagiarism coming on again. Please don’t sue me.

      As for the conversation, Spawn read it, looked at me with his usual look of disdain and muttered something like, “Oh dear,” before walking back into his boy pit. Damn, even a 13 year old boy finds my humour beyond immature.

      Liked by 1 person

      • How great that you love Whiter Shade of Pale too! Lily, you would have loved the ’60 and ‘70s. I’m older than you (oh, by just a tad…or so lol!) I was a teen when that song came out and it still reminds me of a summer with friends at the New Jersey shore (a town called Wildwood and it was aptly named) and the musicians from Philadelphia that we met (not my special guitar guy, that was later). Feel free to use the “throw cold water on those burning embers of love,” line, I probably got that from a song somewhere LOL! 🙂


        • Madilyn, I always felt like I was born at the wrong time. Whilst my friends were wearing the latest fashions, I was dressed in flares and flowing skirts. (I used to wear my mum’s old clothes from the 70s) And whilst they listened to the current pop tunes of the day, I was listen to Janis, Hendrix, the Doors etc and watching my sacred videos of Woodstock and Celebration at Big Sur. I feel like I really missed out on a magical time.

          So in effect, I’d be plagiarizing something that you plagiarized? Meh, works for me. 🙂

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  2. making sweet sweet (had to include another sweet in there) love? why is it when I read or hear of people making love that I think that they are cutting out paper love hearts instead of having animalistic fornication….


  3. Hello Miss Lily, sorry but you dont make it clear about the chickens I am not sure if you have dressed up as one of the pale looking rare breed chickens or not. I guess it makes more sense than one of those battery hens.


    • I haven’t dressed up as any type of chicken Mr Z…yet…but if I did, it would be one of those free range ones. That way I can get my groove on, whilst being environmentally friendly.


  4. …”making sweet love in front of the fireplace…that’s Guido and I making sweet love in front of the fireplace, not the animals and I.”
    LMFAO I almost spilled my drink as i read this, lol
    Also sounds like a steamy time, worth it of plenty of juicy details too… hmmm
    Of you and guido, not with the animals, i should clarify that too…


    • Well when I read back on that sentence, it read like a scene from Animal Farm and so I thought I’d clarify myself…and no, I don’t mean George Orwell’s Animal Farm…


      • Not like I know who that is and don’t plan on googling it either… I’m sure there may be some sexy animal pictures there or some foolishness like that… let’s just stick to your dwarfism fetish. 🙂


    • Aww thanks Martine. Glad I could aid in getting you perked up…that sentence sounded a lot better in my head…
      Thank you for your lovely comment.


  5. Your short love affair is a tail of tale for the ages!

    I really am loving this, largely because I love your writing and because I do love me some midgets!


    • That’s nice of you to say so Frank, because I’m not happy with my output. Reminds me of my school reports “good, but could do better.” And er…that bit about midgets…I think to need to keep that admittance on the down low…whatever the hell that means…


    • Suspense! I knew I forgot to include something in my stories! That and a storyline.
      Fear not, for all will be revealed…but probably won’t…Jeez it’s getting tough.


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