A-Z Challenge – H is for How I Came To Run Away With The Circus.

Follow the trials and tribulations of Lily, a beautiful young woman and the love of her life, Guido an Italian circus midget. Every word of this tale is true, apart from those which are not, which amounts to around 99.99.5% of the story, so er…none of it then…

How I came to run away with the circus

There was a moment of silence as we both gazed upon one another, our eyes making a veritable feast of each and every detail, whilst we gorged on the remains of our loved filled hearts…which I now realise sounds more cannibalistic than sexy. With Guido still perched in my lap, I leaned forward and whispered seductively into his ear, “can you get off my lap? I think you may have ruptured one of my Fallopian tubes when you landed”.


“Mi scusi bella, forgive me,” replied my little Oompa Loompa of love, climbing from my lap with the aide of a step ladder. “Oh amore mio”, he continued with the help of Google Translator. “Is this love that I’m feeling? Is this the love, that I’ve been searching for? Is this love, or am I dreaming? This must be love, cos it’s really got a hold of me”, he crooned, plagiarizing the popular Whitesnake song of the 1980s and thereby risking the chances of my blog being sued.


“Oh Guido,”  I implored, “I am your lady and you are my man. Whenever you reach for me, I’ll do all that I can”, I warbled, reciting the one hit wonder also from the 80s, and thereby doubling my chances of legal proceedings being supplicated before me.


Grabbing hold of both my hands, Guido gently caressed my face as he passionately uttered, “now that I’ve found you my love, I cannot let you go”, which although sounding a bit stalkerish, was music to my ears…or maybe that was the beginning of tinnitus. “Run away with me. Come join the circus and be my only love.”


I stood still for a moment, completely taken aback by Guido’s request and thought about many things. How lonely my life was back home. How I really didn’t have any friends. How on earth was he caressing my face when he was holding both my hands. But in the end, I decided that there wasn’t much on TV that night and so I gave in to his offer. And thus begun my new life and the start of my illicit love affair, with Guido the Italian midget.

To be continued…no, it doesn’t get any better than this…



21 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – H is for How I Came To Run Away With The Circus.

  1. Running off to the circus is always a bit of an anticlimax all that waving chairs at lions and having to smile at small children as well as trapeze artists holding one arm in the air and posing for ages before they actually do anything. And can a small man with a big cannon satisfy the needs of a woman trying to juggle life on the road.

    Well I suspect we will find out.

    That last picture Miss Lily I feel you need to warn folk to close there eyes at least a bit. And you have been so good so far. . . naughty.


    • Can a small man with a big cannon satisfy the needs of a woman trying to juggle life on the road? I should say so!

      Your Description of being a part of the circus, sounds a lot like when I was teaching. And not to worry too much about that last picture Mr Z, apart from the regular few, no one is really reading my A-Zs. As we both know, it’s what happens when you’re not part of a clique. But no matter, I’m still having fun. 🙂


  2. “Is this love that I’m feeling… ” that line made me think gain that this midget is quite hung and what you are feeling is….
    I mixed up both paragraphs, my bad, I misread between the lines… and i think we agreed that he’s endowment had nothing to do with his personality. Or did it?
    I forget.


    • It’s funny the way life goes Susan. One minute you’re wondering the moors and being verbally abused by mother nature, the next, there’s a tiny man in your lap. That usually only happens after I’ve had too much to drink on a Friday night.


  3. It saddens me that my 6 foot frame will forever prevent my being called “my little Oompa Loompa of love.”

    Thank you for the laughs, I’m feeling under the weather and right now the weather kinda sucks.


    • Well you can be the Jolly Green Giant of Love.
      Hope you’re not coming down with something. Especially not after the exciting day you had with little Miss Ava.

      Maybe it’s the hospital. Over here, you go in with a mild stomach bug and come out with your limbs amputated.
      Hope you feel better soon. xx


  4. Ah, that passionate “little Oompa Loompa of love”! Could it be any other way with an Italian circus midget who defines gravity hurling through the air and into your lap, whispering sweet nothings in your ear (with help of a Google translator, love it!). And how could one resist running off and joining the circus especially on a slow TV night?! (I’d go!!) 🙂

    Lily, gorging on the remains of love filled hearts made me think of chocolate and chocolate is sexy! 🙂 Btw, I just had to go to youtube and play those two songs. Mention a song and I’ve gotta hear it, no control when it comes to music LOL!


    • Hahaha! Madilyn, I’m so glad you looked up those songs. They were two of my favourites back then…er…not that I’m old enough to remember them…you know, being that I’m only 21…*coughs*
      I’ve got to admit that I made myself laugh when I wrote the line ‘gorging on the remains of our love filled hearts’ and yes, I did have chocolate in mind as well…but when do I not?

      Oh Madilyn, lets us abandon this life and run away with the circus! They’ve got plenty of elephants and monkeys to keep you entertained and enough men of small stature to keep me…well…I think we’ll just leave that there…

      Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t think it’s either, especially since WordPress is a huge rival of Blogger. I still think it’s to do with people who comment the most. WordPress has a list of who comments and the amount of times they comment and although you do comment a lot, you’re at the bottom of that list.


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