F is for Flying High Now.

Follow the trials and tribulations of Lily, a beautiful young woman and the love of her life, Guido an Italian circus midget. Every word of this tale is true, apart from those which are not, which amounts to around 99.99.5% of the story, so er…none of it then…

Flying High Now

Rocky theme ‘Gonna Fly Now’ playing in the background as the Ring Master, who I now recognise as Signor Adamo, steps forward.


With a flourish of his hands, Signor Adamo takes a lit taper, to light the fuse, which belongs to the cannon, that houses the dwarf, that will fly through the air, who will land in the net that will capture the midget that Jack built…ahem…sorry, got a little carried away there…


The crowd now high on adrenaline and a just small amount of crack cocaine, “ooh and ahh” as the lit fuse crackles loudly, emulating the sounds of a riding crop whipping across bare skin. A sound that can be heard regularly emitting from the dark dungeons of the infamous Domme, Madme Fagina Horgasm…or so I’ve heard…

Just then, a thunderous bang ensues (no, we’re not back in the dungeons of Madame Horgasm) as our diminutive hero takes to the sky.


To be continued…



18 thoughts on “F is for Flying High Now.

  1. And now I’m picturing someone beating a dwarf with a riding crop.

    The images you make my mind conjure are disturbing in a way I approve of.


  2. What a buildup and I can just picture the little dwarf propelled from the smoking canon flying through the air to the stirring Rocky music as Madame Fagina Horgasm (clever play on words, Lily!!) waits with her riding crop in hand for him to land near her…but he’s heading your way instead, smoking hot and flying into your arms! Or whatever is next! 🙂


    • Thank you Madilyn. Fagina Horgasm was originially going to be called Fanny Winklebottom, but it didn’t quite sound Dominatrix enough.

      Soon, we will find out exactly where Guido ends up and it’s not in my arms…

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  3. Well Miss Lily the poor guy is left mid-air . . . that can not be right, it messes with many laws of science. I guess G will be for Guido. It a shame he has not been fired out of a submarine, he would be Guido the Torpedo.


    • Mr Z, what goes up, must come down and Guido the Torpedo (wish I’d thought of that) will soon be hurtling through the universe (well, the enclosure of the circus tent) and landing in the cosmos of lurve…okay, that was cheesy even for me.


  4. I’ll just be over here on the edge of my seat….
    with that song stuck in my head!
    My son loved the Rocky movie, so that song got stuck in my head a lot.
    You listed ALL OF THE WORDS, by the way.
    Nice job!


    • Joy, I’ve been singing that song all day, much to Spawn’s annoyance…especially when I try to hit the high notes. I’ve broken a vase, two windows and a wine glass trying to attempt it.

      Your son has good tastes. I still LOVE that movie!


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