A-Z Challenge – C is for Circus

Follow the trials and tribulations of Lily, a beautiful young woman and the love of her life, Guido an Italian circus midget. Every word of this tale is true, apart from those which are not, which amounts to around 99.99.5% of the story, so er…none of it then…


Beguiled by the sound and the sights before me, I rushed onward, my only thought being that I had forgotten to use the word ‘Beguiled’ in the previous post. Still, this didn’t stop me from trudging headlong into the melee that I suddenly found myself thrust among. So much colour, so much energy. The feeling was beguiling as I immediately thought ‘oh, so you didn’t use the word ‘beguile’ in the previous post and now you’re using it four times in a row. Talk about poor penmanship’


Feeling like a Kinder Surprise, I couldn’t help but squee at the joy that was contained within my shell. When just then, a passing stranger for no reason that I could see, gazed over to where I now stood. “You look a little confused,” he offered, a faint Italian accent lingering on his every word. “I…I think I’m lost,” I stuttered, my tonguing seeming to trip over itself. “Lost?” Questioned the stranger, “how could that be? You are at the circus my dear. Have you never been to a circus before?” “No, ” I countered, “I mean lost as in the plotline to this story. It seems to have taken a turn for the bizarre and I’m not quite sure where to go with it.”


Taking a step towards me, the stranger took hold of my right hand a placed a gentle kiss upon the back of it. “Madam, let me introduce myself. I am Signor Adamo and this,” he said with a flourish of his arm, indicating the spectacle behind him, “is my circus. Now let me give you a little piece of advice.” And with that, Signor Adamo moved forward and lent in close enough that I could feel his breath upon my cheek. “Writing is like driving a car. To be a successful writer, you firstly, need to know the direction in which you want to go. Then you need to focus, to really be able to concentrate on the…”


“Ooh elephants!” I interrupted, as four of the ponderous beasts were led through the crowd. “I wanna go see the elephants!” I was just about to take off and pursue my delight of seeing these large mammals, when I realised that the Signor had been trying to tell me something important. “Oh sorry”, I apologised, “what were you saying?” “I was merely explaining”, he continued, “that it is important to pay attention and to direct one’s attention…” “Ooh monkeys!” I squealed loudly. “I wanna go see the monkeys.” And with that, I took off, running through the crowd and leaving a bewildered and very annoyed Signor Adamo behind me.


To be continued…



28 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – C is for Circus

  1. Elephants always look friendly but I suspect they are full of Trojans, a bit like horses are. Its the problem with animals they are full of things that they should not be. And you cant trust a clown, they have robbed too many banks now to be trusted. Mind you you cant trust banks either running off with all our money and blaming it on seagulls and fisherman.

    I do like a good flock of seagulls, there is nothing quite like holding a fresh slightly warm and greasy chip above your head and watching them attack each other in a fight to the death struggle for it. Then just as the last one having killed off the others limps towards the chip you then eat it laughing hysterically on the beach kicking down the sand castles of small children . . . . . . . HAH HAH Ahah ah ahah ah ah ah ah ah hah ah ah ah ahah h ah ah ah ah ah aha ha ha ha haahah hha ha ha ha ha ha. . .

    AH . . . . DAMN . . . OK what was Senior Adamo eating you say a seal? are you sure.

    Rob Z Tobor


    • Mr Z, I was just about to log off from here and stalk your C post, when right before my eyes, your comment did appear! What manner of witchcraft and devilry is this?!
      I to like a Flock Of Seagulls. I thought that back in the 80s, they were a great Electronica band, though the singer had that hairstyle that looked like a stuff bird had perched on his head and decided to take up permanent residence.

      I do however hate clowns. The evil, monstrous beasts lure away our innocent children with the promise of fun bags and burgers that go by the name of ‘Big Mac,’ (which probably does contain the meat of Big Mac, last seen several years ago) and they appear to have sinister monikers like ‘Ronald McDonald.’

      I’m not even gonna touch that comment about Trojans. I’m trying to be good here!


    • Especially that Ronald McDonald guy and his henchman Hamburglar. He is he most sinister of all clowns with his weapons of torture. Apple pies that will scorch the inside of your mouth and lattes that will burn a hole through flesh. Pure evil I tell ya.

      On a serious note, thank you Tara. I’m glad you’re enjoying the ride. 🙂


    • S. L. Hennessy, I seem to have written a story where nothing much has happened…yet, so thank you for finding it interesting enough to draw you in. Although I have a suspicion that the Pulitzer Prize won’t be winging it’s way towards me this year…or indeed any other year.


  2. Lily, I am “beguiled” by your post! Signor Adamo’s advice comparing writing to driving a car is a great analogy and I can relate! Gotta say that elephants and monkeys are a fair distraction. I mean, how can one pay attention elsewhere with monkeys about?! Well done, keep writing/driving!

    (btw, I’m especially loving your circus theme b/c I’ve always been fascinated by the circus and carnivals, wanted to join one as kid, even once dated a carnival worker lol!)


    • Madilyn, you are such a dark horse! That’s an ordinary horse, not one of those fairground ones. Bikers, mobsters and carnival workers. You make my life look like that of a nun’s!

      Monkeys and elephants, how can a woman not be distracted by those things? Along with cakes, diamonds, chocolate and Channing Tatum.

      Thanks so much for your encouragement Madilyn. I always look forward to your comments…no pressure. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • LOL Lily! This was all in my younger (and happier!) days. But no bikers, just a mobster, a carnival worker, a political aide, guitar players, a guy who built microscopes, a landscape architect, an adorable drifter with no job…probably others I’m forgetting…and sadly none of those were the guy I married, sigh. And now I need chocolate…oh, monkeys and elephants too! 🙂


        • You dated elephants and monkeys too?!! Wow! You were much wilder than I thought!! 🙂 Ooh, is the political aide now famous?
          You really din’t have a type did you? I swear if I had been around back then, I’d be following you around like a lost puppy, whilst hero worshiping you.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Oh no, not the elephants and monkeys although that might have been entertaining LOL!! The political aide is not famous (darn it too, I could have written a juicy tell-all if he had ever been!) In fact, after that election in which our side lost, he took off for Los Angeles never to be heard from again. I guess I really didn’t have a type, I just wanted to be free and have fun, and part of that was a reaction to my childhood and the foster homes (I’ve mentioned a bit about my childhood in blog posts about my mother). I wanted to go different places, meet different people. Those really were my best days back then! There was one guitar player who really captured my heart, we were together 4 years, longer than any of the others and if things had been different I’d have stayed with him. Lily, I wish I’d have known you back then, it would have been fun! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • “Madilyn finds fun with Elephants and Monkey,’ sounds like one of the books that should come wrapped in a brown paper bag.

          Madilyn, you should document your life via an anonymous blog. You’ve led such an interesting life and have such a wonderful way of writing, that I’m sure that it would be a huge success.

          I sincerely wished I’d known you years ago, because despite all that you had been through, I could have done with someone who had such a carefree spirit back then. Such a pity about you and the guitarist. That’s a love story ready to be told right there.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Given the choice of monkeys or Efelumps I would chose the Efelumps every time. Efelumps are scientifically 139% better than monkeys.

    Monkeys are cool, don’t get me wrong, but the Efelump is the best creature of them all.

    ef-e-lumps rule!


    • And where is your evidence to support such claims Mr H?! I need concrete proof that elephants are better than monkeys….and photographic evidence. No animal be as clever as those bastions of my childhood, Bangers N Mash. Not one!


  4. Well Miss Lily I have been reading the comments and I thought to myself OOOOOO they were not like this a couple of years ago when some folk were chasing you with pointy sticks and fiery torches shouting things. . . . . . . . . . . Well DONE a great turn round . . but Z is still a long way off . . . . O dear DAMN


    • It’s great isn’t it Mr Z. Notice the lack of moaning on my part? That’s because I’m actually enjoying it this year. Okay, so the Lil man’s posts get more views than mine…and more google pluses…and more general interest shown…damn…now I feel slightly depressed.
      Also, I think that people are being much more polite and considerate when posting a comment and that makes a lot of difference.


    • Joy, you’re gonna regret asking for more. I guarantee it.
      It’s like those chocolates, they’re so small that you gorge on them, and then they end up making you feel nauseous and wishing you hadn’t touched them in first place. That’s where this story is heading.


    • Well that’s how I initially pictured him Andrea. But then I became hungry and started thinking about the ice-cream that I had in the freezer. Next thing I knew, Signor was no longer wearing the red and white striped pants in my imagination and the imaginary tub of ice-cream was empty!


  5. Sweet tap dancing christ, I love you and your stories. As you may expect, the monkeys where my favorite part but I laughed throughout. Thanks, I needed that. Now on to D.


    • Ooh, I think I want to see a tap dancing Jesus, more than I want to see the elephants and monkeys. That’s a future post waiting to happen.

      No, thank you Frank.


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