A-Z Challenge – B is for Beguiled

Follow the trials and tribulations of Lily, a beautiful young woman and the love of her life, Guido an Italian circus midget. Every word of this tale is true, apart from those which are not, which amounts to around 99.99.5% of the story, so er…none of it then…


The sound came faintly as first, a symphony of noise that stirred the ears and livened the heart, before gradually growing louder in it’s tumultuous cacophony. I tried to make out from which direction it came, but the howling wind grabbed on to each note tenaciously and flung them haphazardly into the bleakness of the moors…bastard.

It was the bright lights which blazoned across the stark grey of the moorland, that finally alerted me to it’s location. It was directly in front of me but a little to the left, though not too much to the left that it veered off center. Maybe it was just slightly to the right, perhaps a couple of inches, which would still make it in front of me, but not squarely in front of me, in which case, I was wrong about it being directly in front of me.

What could it be? I felt compelled to investigate further. Willing my feet forwards, I walked on at a fast yet steady pace. But soon my curiosity became overtaken by a sense of heightened excitement and I found myself running towards the hubbub, with the wind at my back, hastening me on my way with it’s gusts of encouragement.


To be continued…



23 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – B is for Beguiled

  1. I just hope this means you are not about to be abducted by Aliens Miss Lily all those bright lights and noises seen very aliens from space to me, well either that or you have been surounded by the police.

    I am now trying to think of aliens that start with C . . . . Maybe the lights are Cats with torches taped to their heads. . . . . Mmmmmmmmmm is that likely . . . .


    • Not aliens Mr Z. What I encounter is a place where there are men in heavy make-up and who dress in bright colourful clothes….no, not the local drag act Cabaret, but the circus! Ooh, I think I may have my C post…


  2. Now every time I feel the wind pushing me I’m going to hear in my head, “run fatty, run.” Thank you for that.


  3. Not sure what kind of Hershey’s you’ve had but those have been the least disappointing ones for me. Perhaps you got the ones made in China? and Roger that on the first love thing / person / situation.


    • According to my American pals, Hershey was great until they started using cheaper products to make their chocolate. Now they’re trying to ban imports of British Cadbury. It now has a plastic taste to it.


  4. Not sure what type of chocolates your American pals are eating because here, we have the Hershey’s factory and they have awesome shit. Not in the literal sense, I may clarify. Perhaps too is the fact that I simply like chocolate regardless of ingredients. If it has chocolate, I will eat it. On the other hand, I can’t say the same if it looks like chocolate. It could be shit in the literal sense, I may clarify.


    • All I know is that since Hershey distribute and manufacture a lot of cadbury products, but have also recently halted the import of British Cadbury, a lot of Americans are not happy. Maybe it’s a woman thing, because we’ve all noticed the definite change in taste and it’s not for the better. Anyway, why are we discussing chocolate on an A-Z POST??


  5. Lily, I love the descriptive way you write! Hope the wind was hastening you along away from those cold bleak moors obviously haunted by the spirit of those Bronte sisters…and into the arms of Guido…and I’m onto C to find out more! 🙂


    • Haha! Madilyn, that would have been a great idea if I had had the spirit of the Bronte sisters along on the moors with me. Damn! What a missed opportunity.


  6. The Weather can be such a heartless companion.
    I remember a time when the sun came out (Nobody was surprised – his hats were sooooo fabulous!) and put my shorts on.
    Mr Sunshine just started laughing and pointing and shouted “hey mr chicken legs – you got 2 bits of string with knots in the middle, dangling from your bum!”…. he meant my legs.
    It hurt my feelings.
    I don’t wear shorts anymore.

    the sun is a prick.


    • Hahahaha! Mr H, the sun is indeed a twat of legendary proportions. In summer, he likes to ensure that my sweat glands get a good work out so that I look like I’ve been underwater for a month, whilst everyone else gets away with having a ‘healthy sheen’…bastard.


    • Andrea, what I meant was that it was slightly to the left, but a bit to the right. Not too far right that it would appear that it was nowhere near the left, but just enough to give the appearance of being slightly to the left.

      As for which way is up, well that’s easy. If you turn your head in the direction of the sky, but not enough that you tip right back and end up looking backwards, it’s more to the left, but slightly to right…


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