A-Z Challenge – A is for Alone

Follow the trials and tribulations of Lily, a beautiful young woman and the love of her life, Guido an Italian circus midget. Every word of this tale is true, apart from those which are not, which amounts to around 99.99.5% of the story, so er…none of it then…


It was a bleak and cold midwinter’s eve. The chill of the wind seemed to permeate throughout my bones, causing me to shiver and huddle further into the warmness of my overcoat. An air of loneliness pervaded my senses and assailed my ego, as I wandered along the frost covered moors, alone.

Above me, the sun appeared to peak from behind the clouds, gazing down upon me in it’s shining splendor,


whilst the wind, swirling a mist around my rigid form, felt like the embrace of a long awaited lover.


As I stopped in my travels to turn my gaze towards the darkened skies, I pondered that If I were to reach up and touch the clouds, would my fingers vanish within it’s whispery vapours?


And that’s when I heard it. A sound that pushed aside my lonely musings and captured the beat of my heavy heart.



25 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – A is for Alone

  1. Those bleak frosty windy moors really define “alone” and reading about it was making me chilly! Lily, come out of those cold moors, I’ll share my hot tea! But wait…what was the sound that captured your heavy heart…could it be Guido the circus midget? Btw, love your introduction at the top, well done!


    • Ahh, Madilyn, you’ll have to wait and see, especially as I have no idea what on earth I’m writing, or what will happen next. And why are moors always bleak and windy? I blame that Emily Bronte woman.

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  2. AUUuuuugggHHH . . . Sorry I mean Ah the poetry of love a great start Miss Lily it reminded me of one of those old romantic poets from the past. . . . . Not Wordsworth or Shelley . . . .

    Hang on I will remember in a sec

    THATS it . . . Edgar Allen Poe. . . . . . . HAH AHHAH ahah ha ha hah ah ha hahhah ah hahah ah ah ah ah ah ha ha ha ah ha hahah ah . . . . Well done Miss Lily only 25 letters to Go YICKS


    • Thanks Mr Z.

      Why do I always get compared to Edgar Allen Poe? Is it the beard??

      I never realised Mr Z, how large a number 25 is. Why is it that during the challenge, such a relatively small number suddenly becomes comparable to infinity?


    • The sleepless nights! The nervous breakdowns! The “WHYYYYYYY??” That happens every year!
      IT BEGINS!!

      Looking forward to reading your entries this year Andrea.


  3. I wish that was longer, both because I love your writing and because I’m using reading as a means of procrastinating.


    • Hey! Stop using me as your procrastination tool…er…that doesn’t sound quite right…
      Thank you Frank. Awaiting with anticipation and just a little amount of fear, what you have to offer the blogosphere this year…ooh. that rhymes…

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  4. What a fun post and what a fun blog! #Blogging from A-Z swinging by to meet and greet. I am 471 and 472 in the long list, with MOVIES and What’s in a NAME Hope you swing by to 4covert2overt and Defining Ways. Hope to meet up everywhere @M_C_V_Egan
    .⋱ ⋮ ⋰.,;***;,.⋱ ⋮ ⋰
    ⋰ ⋮ ⋱…_/l\_…⋰ ⋮ ⋱
    ♫ ƤҼƌҪҼ ƌƝƊ ĻƠṼҼ ॐ βԼƐֆֆїɳɠֆ ƌƝƊ βԼїֆֆ ♫…


    • Thank you mariacatalinaegan. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and indeed, the blog. Most people run screaming for the hills after reading my musings, so I’m glad I didn’t scare you away. 🙂


    • Thank you Susan. I really appreciate that despite the deluge of posts that this challenge brings and how it REALLY annoys the heck out of those not taking part, (who can blame them) that you still took the time to read and leave a comment. Bless you. 🙂


  5. Cheers.. after reading your title, I now have the song “Alone” in my head.. now suffering post traumatic flashbacks of bad 80s hair, those disgusting leggings and singing into a hair brush. ARGHHHHHH!!! Where is my pills? Where is my therapist?

    Love your post by the way… what a brilliant challenge.. looking forward to B


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