Have A Happy One…

Soon sees the end of yet another year. To say it’s been an arduous one, would be an understatement. I’ve lost a few good friends, found some new ones, and reconnected with some old ones. (I’m looking at you Willy) But despite that, I will be entering 2015 with a smile on my face and hope in my heart. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

new year

Lily and The Spawn


14 thoughts on “Have A Happy One…

  1. Where, I demand to know, did you get that picture of me flying through the air?!?!?!? My actual thought was, “Why do I keep doing this with my eyes closed?” The fifth time I flew farther than the Wright Brothers first time at Kitty Hawk.


        • Mr E, you are priceless! I mean, you’re no good for my headaches, or my sanity and you frequently make me realize that my grasp of the English language is that of a five year old in comparison to yours…which then brings on mild depression and a need to drink, followed by me pondering on my existence and my place in the world, before succumbing to the existential thought that life is what I have made it and of my own choosing, which then brings on feelings of inertia and a need for a long nap. But apart from that, you are adored.


  2. Well due to age and Man Flu (OK its not really Man Flu. . .but by early evening I’m knackered) I did not make it awake until the end of the year. But I have been out and swept leaves and looked at a huge flock of sheep that turned up in the field next to us late last night and fed the ever growing number of birds. I really dont think they appreciate how much they eat or the increasing price of peanuts.

    The cats, and in particular Heavy Harry is still as grumpy as hell which gives a nice continuity to the changing year. . . . . . I hope your year ahead is a good one and remember that 2015 is the year of no naughty words in cyberspace. . . . I know its hard but I will be my best to achieve this.. . .. . . .. . .. .


    • Mr Z, you really do need to reign in all those naughty words you are constantly using in your posts. As I am a respectable child of cyberspace with a PG child rated blog, I do not…hold on…that’s not right…Ooh, I fear that I may have slipped into a wormhole and ended up in a parallel universe, whereby all the timey whimey stuff has confused our timelines…oh no wait…turns out I’ve just drunk one too many Babychams.

      So glad that it wasn’t ManFlu. We wouldn’t want them shipping you to a specialized hospital in London.
      Thanks for all your support and encouragement in 2015 Mr Z. How *sniff* I love *weep* the members *howls like a werewolf* of RATS. Okay, I think it’s time I stopped with the Babycham.


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