First WordPress and then, THE WORLD!

At long last, I am finally here.
Setting up a WordPress account was no problem at all. In fact it was as easy as writing abc…in Sanskrit.
Have you seen how difficult it is to write abc in Sanskrit? Does anyone even know what that looks like?
Well it looks like this, अ ब च. Now does that look easy to you? No, it bloody doesn’t.

So after forty days and forty nights, or what seems like it, I was finally able to set up my account. So join myself and the Spawn, on a journey of quite small proportions and dire adventures, as we navigate the world of the blogosphere.



4 thoughts on “First WordPress and then, THE WORLD!

    • Andrea Helloooo, I’m glad the journey over here was not fraught with danger and mild perils. However, I have come to the conclusion that WordPress, as well as my child, were invented to break my spirit and crush my soul in defeat.

      What?? No chocolate??? Sorry madam, but I’m going to have to kindly ask you to leave.


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